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1. Hindu Temples Are Not Just For Hindus. 2. Replacing OM With a Cross. 3. I Would Like To Help You

Hindu Temples Are Not Just For Hindus.

Hindus respect all religions and believe in one omnipresent God. But still, there are a few Hindu temples in India and abroad where only Hindus can enter. Anyone who may not look like a Hindu can be questioned and barred from entering. 
A long time ago, almost all Hindus were vegetarians. They lived a life of purity and non-violence and considered themselves to be purer than non-Hindus. Therefore, to preserve the sanctity of the temples, non-Hindus were prohibited from entering many temples, This tradition is still being practiced in some temples even though the old and weak reasoning is no longer valid.  Today, a large percentage of Hindus eat meat. Conversely, a large number of non-Hindus are now vegetarians and live a spiritual life.
As a Hindu, I believe that everyone must be allowed to enter Hindu temples, except for any safety concerns. There may be some rules for entering a temple, but they should be the same for Hindus and non-Hindus. 
If you are a Hindu and if there is such a temple in your area, you should make an effort to educate the temple authorities and change this wrong tradition. 
“I live in the heart of every being”  Bhagavad Gita


Replacing Om with a Cross


A few years ago, I went to Mauritius to conduct a yoga course. There, a man came to talk to me about something that had been disturbing him for many years. It was a long story, but in short, the burden of supporting his family had fallen on his shoulders at a very young age. They were very poor and were struggling. One day a Christian missionary approached him and offered to help him, but only if he would convert to Christianity. Out of desperation, he agreed and was converted. He replaced his OM necklace with a Cross. He didn’t consider that to be a big deal then. But as he grew older, it began to bother him. He started to feel ashamed and guilty.
As he was sharing his story, there were tears in his eyes. He believed that he had committed a sin and wanted to know if he could become a Hindu again, and how? I hugged him and told him that he could consider himself to be a Hindu from that moment on and that no formal ritual was necessary. I suggested that he should make a Hindu altar in his home and perform a Puja, and he should revert back to his original identity. He seemed relieved. 
The practice of religion-conversion arises out of smallness and ignorance. Converting people by taking advantage of their helpless situations is a disgraceful mission. People should have the freedom to choose their religion or have no religion, but no one should be bribed or forced to convert.  
As a student of yoga, regardless of your religion or belief, you must challenge what seems wrong. That’s one of the major principles of Karma Yoga. 





I Would Like To Help You


Several years ago, I introduced the SAHC practice in Sri Sri Yoga programs.  It consists of a series of unique movements and muscular contractions that are helpful in strengthening and rejuvenating the body. Those who have learned the practice have reported a variety of benefits. 
 I have now refined and expanded this practice and have also combined it with a few breath-strengthening exercises. I have named it ‘Ojas’, meaning increased vitality. The regular practice of Ojas, I believe, provides additional benefits of strengthening involuntary muscles, and may even help with breathing disorders and early symptoms of Parkinson’s. 
If you (or someone you know) have early symptoms of Parkinson’s or breathing disorders which have no cure, I would like to work with you by conducting a few one-to-one sessions of  Ojas on Skype. To begin with, I will accept only 15 people. Please write to me at
Fee:  Make a donation to your favorite charity. Suggested donation
$500.00 CAD, or whatever you can afford. Healing begins by helping others. 




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