Happy New Year!

Welcome to my ‘My Yoga Space’ blog.  Yoga is my passion and also a lifestyle for me. I have been a student of yoga for the last 30 years and a teacher for the last 20 years.

Here I would like to share with you some wisdom from the yoga scriptures that have influenced and fascinated me. And, I will share answers to some of the yoga and health related questions that I receive.

To begin with, I wish you a very Happy New Year.  May the New Year bring you  good things in life including better Health, Happiness, and Spiritual upliftment.

The New Year can be a happier year only if we let go of the past. If we carry our anger and regrets from the past with us, the New Year will soon start to feel like the same old last year.

There is nothing we can do about what happened in the past, whether it was something we did or someone else did. We learn from the past, we can make effort to mend it but this effort can be anger- and regret-free.

Letting go of the past doesn’t mean forgetting the past. It is letting go of the questioning and blaming which gives rise to the emotions of anger and regret in us. It is not the memory of the past that troubles us, but the emotions and feelings associated with the past that hurt us. Dropping the questioning and blaming drops the hurtful emotions. The skill lies in becoming aware of the questions and emotions arising in us but not giving much importance to them. We do this for our own sake, for our own well being. The anger and regrets in us are detrimental to the well being of our own bodies and mind.

Let our resolutions for the New Year be somewhat different from the resolutions we have made in the past. Let it be of moving forward. Life itself is moving forward. When we move forward with life, it carries us. Then we are swimming with the tide. It becomes joyful. When we move against the flow of life, it becomes a struggle. The choice is ours.

Let’s move forward together.

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12 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  • JGD! Dear Krishanji,
    Such a wonderful message for us who celebrate Chinese New Year in next few day! Happy Dragon Year!

  • I am happy you have started a blog and i thoroughly enjoyed reading it and I am happy to start the new year with this resolution of letting go of the past. Jai gurudev

  • Dear Krishanji,
    THANK YOU for creating this beautiful blog and continuing to share your precious wisdom and guidance! Any plans for Sri Sri Yoga TTC in 2012??
    Happy New Year to you and your family. Jai Guru Dev!

  • Dear Krishanji
    It is truly wonderful to hear from you. Thanks to Lay Hwa for circulating the blog address. I was beginning to miss you in the New Year and this is a beautiful gift to hear from you. Please write often 🙂 and I would be really looking forward to reading your posts. Happy New Year to you and your family. With much love Jai Gurudev 🙂

  • Wah!!! Such a wonderful knowledge to kick start our New Year. The blog is really the best gift for everyone. No wonder people say must come for courses that conducted by Krishanji. I attended only one Sri Sri Yoga Course, supprisingly I was “awake” by Krishanji’s knowledge during the course. Tears of gratitute dropped like rain water 🙂

  • Dear Krishanji ,
    Jai Guru Dev and Happy New Year!! : )
    An absolutely beautiful message and thought to begin the new year and i look forward to moving forward with you and all in knowledge , love and wisdom . And this blog will make that so much more easier. Thank you for this : )

  • Beautiful and illuminating! This is the most lucid explanation of ‘letting go’ I’ve ever had. Thank you and God bless you for sharing your wisdom and love with us all!

  • JGD,dear Krishanji, I feel so lucky to be your pupil in Ssy level 2 in Malaysia. Currently, my friends and i are working hard to practise surya namaskar towards 54rounds for the Yogathon in Johor. Perhaps, you can give us your support spiritually so that we can achieve the goal.

    Take care \ #^_^#/

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