‘Home Office’

Home Office

These days the number of ‘home offices’ is on increase. More and more people are working from their homes.

This is how a yogi lives. He remains at home, always!

He is never separated from the Self

In fact, no one is ever separated from the Self, but a yogi has realized that!

“Your mind takes you away from the Self again and again, and you must do abhyasa (practice) to come back to the Self again and again”, says Patanjali .

Continuous abhyasa is the secret. Just as a dancer does abhyasa  to become a better dancer, a yogi does abhyasa to remain fixed in the Self.

A yogi, no matter where he is or what he does, he is always with the Self. He travels, but doesn’t go away!

Where is your office! 🙂

God’s love and Protection…….always there! Just need the eyes to capture it.

Feeling loved and protected a yogi relaxes!

Coming soon :  Story of a great yogi you have not heard before……..