A Great Loss….and a reminder

Robin Williams, a great Hollywood actor, the Academy Award winner, and a great human being, passed away yesterday in an apparent suicide. I liked watching his movies. I found him genuinely talented and naturally funny. He will be greatly missed.

His tragic death is a reminder that inspite of having so much talent, money and fame, one may still not be happy.

On the path of yoga we learn that the true happiness lies within, and if we move away from our naturalness or the true Self, the happiness remains only as a hope in the distant future. It is never achieved indirectly by achieving other things in life.

On the path of yoga we learn the art of being happy. Like learning to sing, being happy is also a practice at first. It requires proper training, continuous practice, and understanding of life beyond what it seems. This is the journey of yoga. In fact, this journey is not for becoming happy, but for returning back to the Self. That’s where we become happy naturally. Happily we achieve other things in life.

The journey of life continues. Death is only a pause and a change. May Robin Williams be happy from here onwards!

May we all, under the guidance of our Spiritual Masters, be happy naturally!