The 10th Obstacle, plus, Wellness Tips

The 10th Obstacle!

Internet is amazing. I love it for its obvious usefulness. But it also has many negatives.

According to Sage Patanjali there are nine obstacles on the path of yoga. I think if he were to re-write the ‘Yoga Sutras ’ today, he would include another obstacle….the Internet.

Excessive or wrong use of Internet can affect you in some of the following ways:

It can make your life sedentary, resulting in over weight, weaker and misaligned body, increased physical pain, and many other illnesses.

It can keep your mind engaged outwards to a much greater degree. There is so much stuff on the Internet, both good and bad, which attracts and engages the mind outward, contrary to what we strive for on the path of yoga.

It can be addictive. You can become so internet-dependent that you feel lost without it.

It can be a big time-waster. You can spend hours doing nothing but feeling that you are very busy. It creates an illusion that you are learning something but, in fact, over feeding the mind with excessive information can increase confusion, conflicts, anxiety, worries and fears etc.

Though the Internet connects you to the whole world but it can also lead you to isolation and loneliness.

It can disrupt your life style……..and much more

So, use it wisely!



A few body-mind wellness tips:

  1. Make time to exercise and meditate regularly. Give your well-being a priority. The state of your body and mind affects your energy level and productivity. If you are well, everything else feels and looks so much better and brighter. If you are happy, you make others happy. So never feel guilty for taking time for your own care.
  2. Exercise daily, twice if you can, especially if you are trying to lose weight. Keep your exercise program simple. With difficult programs you will get discouraged and give up. Add variety to your program, it’s good for the body. There are so many exercise programs on the Internet. Make a play list of the programs that look easy and appeal to you, and each week use a different program. An exercise program can be easy, but still intense. For example, walking is easy, but you can increase the intensity by walking faster. Increase the intensity slowly. Don’t struggle or overdo it.
  3. Keep your weight under control. Remaining over-weight for a considerable length of time can cause many health problems, and it can become a life long issue. NOW is the time to take control of your weight and wellness. In addition to exercising daily, remain active throughout the day. Move your body as often as you can. Monitor your weight regularly and stay on the downward trend, doesn’t matter how small or slow it is. Don’t try to lose weight by starving yourself or by using crazy diet plans. Loose it sensibly. Proper exercise, proper diet, proper rest, and proper attitude lead to proper wellness.
  4.  Improve your posture by sitting and standing straight up and    balancing equally on both sides of the body. Proper posture improves strength symmetry, balance, blood circulation, and metabolic rate.
  5. Reduce sugar, butter, oil, caffeine, and alcohol intake. Substitute water and herbal teas for soft drinks. Substitute fruits for fruit juices. Don’t over eat. Overeating healthy foods is also not healthy. Cook your own meals as often as you can, so that you know what you are eating.
  6.  Educate yourself in terms of your nutritional requirements; what and how much you should eat. Make a detailed list of what you eat, and their nutritional value. The findings may surprise you.
  7. After exercising your mind may justify eating more or eating wrong foods may be tempted to overeat or eat wrong foods. Don’t do it. A small cone of ice cream can negate the effect of one hour of exercise.
  8. Pick up a new hobby. Learn something new. Sing. Play an instrument. Dance. Learn a new language, or whatever else interests you. It will make you feel good about yourself, improve your confidence, and keep your interest in life fresh and alive.
  9. Spend more time with family and friends, the people you care for. Don’t hesitate to share your feelings and difficulties with someone you trust. It will make you feel that you are not alone. Feeling alone and lonely can lead to sadness and depression.
  10. Don’t give so much importance to the past. Each day is a new day and an opportunity to start fresh.
  11. Learn to breathe properly. Breath is life. It is a free source of energy. Body, breath and mind affect each other.
  12. Don’t label yourself such as you are a night person, or you get angry easily, or you are lazy etc. Break the wrong habits and take full responsibility for your wellness. Be committed and steady.
  13. Believe in yourself. YOU CAN DO IT!  


My new toy!Flute

I am learning to play the Western flute. I will play it for you when I see you. I use Internet to learn some of my favorite songs 🙂

Your yoga friend,