Krishna’s Flute…it never stopped playing

Krishna’s Flute

So sweet

Singing and dancing

Lovers meet


They say Krishna played Flute at midnight

Not so.


They only heard at midnight

When it was so quiet

Nothing else was in sight


Be silent, not just mute

You will hear the Flute


Flute is All

Creation dancing on it

Like a tiny ball


A whisper in the Flute

Makes the wind blow

Rivers flow

Thunders and the rainbow


There is nothing wrong or right

Each note on Krishna’s Flute

Is perfect, beautiful and bright


There is nothing good or bad

Happy if you hear the Flute

Otherwise miserable and sad


You are holding castles in the air

Stolen from here and there

Flute is holding you

Otherwise you will be nowhere


Moment the Flute stops

I fear

What will happen

You don’t want to hear


Burn the castles

Don’t be weak

Let the Flute

Blow you to the peak


To hear the Flute

You need to dare

‘I want the Flute only’

When you declare


Silent and still

Free from fears

When you cry

With your heart filled with tears


I promise, you will hear the Flute.



Happy Guru Purnima!

With love,









Happy Guru Purnima