Story Time….

 My Dear Yoga Students : I hope you are enjoying reading my posts. Though anyone is more than welcome to read my posts, but I write specifically for you ( my students, who  have taken residential courses with me), as you can relate more to what I write. If you would like to share, on this blog, your experience, pictures, and how I might have impacted your journey,  please send them to me. I will be happy to post them here – Krishan <3



Poland correcting asanasCorrecting asanas Poland 2

The above pictures are from my courses at the AOL ashram in Poland. In this picture it is Ewa Wroz, standing and assisting.

  Ewa Wroz organized and coordinated several courses for me at the Art of Living Centre in Poland. She is a ‘Happy Go Lucky’ person, always on the go, and always smiling. She is very dedicated to spirituality, and always willing & ready to serve. In addition to being an excellent AOL teacher, she is very skilled at easing a difficult situation. Her gentle approach and friendly smile do the magic. <3


Sometimes I like playing flute for my students. They like it too. Though I am not very good at it, but with  practice, I am getting better. Above, in the photograph behind me, it is my Guru Ji , Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. I will write about Him later in another post.

God is always here, but we search for Him there

Once, while I was playing flute at home in Halifax, Guru Ji (Sri Sri) called me from India. After the ‘Jai Guru Dev’ greetings, there was a long pause and then Guru Ji said,”I can hear your flute here.” There was another long pause, and He ended the call by saying ‘Jai Guru Dev’. I was very happy to hear from Him, but I wasn’t surprised at what He had said. For me, no matter where He is physically, He is always with me, but still, it is very comforting to receive affirmation of this Truth once in a while. 

My students often ask me how much Guru Ji really know about them? I reply,” It depends on how much oneness you feel between you and Guru Ji. If you truly believe He is within you, then your question is like asking how much you know about yourself? Separation and distance belong to the outer physical world. The Spirit, though infinite, is without distance and separation. When the mind gets pulled more toward the Spirit, the separation disappears. <3

me in Russia

Here, I am conducting TTC , with over 175 people, in Bratsk, Russia. No matter where I teach, I find all students very sincere, disciplined, loving, and thirsty for knowledge of yoga. 

My interesting journey to Bratsk, Russia

In order to go to Bratsk from Moscow, since there was no direct flight, so I was booked to go to Irkutsk first, and then on the connecting flight from Irkutsk to Bratsk. The first plane was going to fly over Bratsk but it wasn’t going to land there. 

Since I had already been travelling for many hours, so sitting in the plane from Moscow to Irkutsk, I was feeling very tired, and was thinking that it was too bad that that plane was not going to land in Bratsk, otherwise, it would save me five hours of extra travel time.

 Some time later, the Captain made an announcement that, because of the strong turbulence ahead, they would be landing in Bratsk, but the passengers won’t be allowed to get off the plane, as they didn’t know for how long they would be stopping there. When we landed in Bratsk, I told my situation to one of the air hostesses  and requested if I could get off there. She spoke with the Captain and told me that I could, but I wouldn’t be able to get my luggage. The luggage would have to come back on the plane as scheduled. I was happy to get off the plane without luggage.

There were people waiting for me in Irkutsk but, instead, I arrived in Bratsk five hours earlier, and called people there to come and get me. They were surprised. I was happy.

Some people saw that happening as a coincidence, and some saw it as Master’s grace. For me, there is no such thing as coincidence.

There have been a few other such instances, when I wished for something , or made a thoughtful prediction, and they came true. So, some of my students assume that I also have sidhis. I tell them that I don’t have any such sidhis, and I don’t wish to have them. I like to remain powerless, and experience Divine love. <3


.. Each one of your posts really touches the heart strings somewhere. So, down to earth, Hemanatural and simple. And that is Yoga and signs of a true Yogi. keep them coming……   Hema

Hema Rajaraman organized courses for me in Botswana, where hundreds attended the courses. I stayed with her. She took care of me so affectionately, like a sister. Every day she would cook something special for me. She would ask me several times a day if I needed something, or if I wanted something to eat.

She is an amazing South Indian classical musician and dancer. She ran a music and dance school in Botswana for 25 years. Now she lives is Bangaluru India, but travels regularly to teach several AOL basic and advanced courses, including AOL yoga. She also conducts workshops on Natyashastra, an Indian treatise on performing arts.

Beautiful You!

The most fascinating part of my journey has been all the beautiful people I have met. When I spend some time with them and begin to see their qualities, I wonder if they themselves know how beautiful they are!

I have been living in Halifax for so long and I often forget how beautiful this city is. But when out-of-town guests visit me, they remind me of its beauty. Similarly, you have been living with yourself for so long that you might have forgotten how  beautiful you are. On the path of yoga, we make a point of reminding people of their beauty.  This makes the world look even more beautiful.


Chinese baby


Each and every particle of this creation is Shivam (God), and Shivam is Sundaram (beautiful). <3