Happy Guru Purnima



Lotus Flower

Guru Ji and me Bangalore

Sitting at the lotus feet of my Guru I honour Him. By honouring Him I honour all. Only then my honouring  of the Divine becomes complete.



I bow at His feet constantly, and pray to my Guru. He has shown me the way.” Guru Nanak

By the grace of my Guru, I see God everywhere and in all. None other than Guru can show the way.” Kabira

The auspicious presence and remembrance of my Guru purifies my body and mind.” Tulsi Das


Guru and me 60th borthday 2
He makes me feel like a king <3


Through Guru’s unconditional love and honour for devotees, they experience that there is no difference between a devotee, Guru, and God. It’s all One and only One.

May you experience the fulfilment already present in you!

Happy Guru Purnima <3 <3