“My eyes are now reversed” Meera

Mother Divine is known and honoured by various names. Some of which are:

Jagdamba:  Mother of  creation. 

Parmeshwari:  Greatest among Gods

Maha Shakti :  Strongest and most powerful.

The three energies that govern this universe,  Creative (Brahma), Maintenance (Vishnu) , and Renewal (Shiva), all exist together in Divine Mother, and that’s why at the request of many Gods, Mother Durga was able to kill  Mahishasur, the most powerful demon ever existed. 

Vishwa Mohini:  Most attractive.

 This universe born out of Her energy  is so attractive. It mesmerizes and binds you. 

Maha Maya:  Greatest illusion. 

This creation, created by the playful and illusive energy of Divine Mother is the greatest illusion. You can see it, touch it, feel it, experience it, but in reality it is not there. <3


Crossing the Ocean of Maha Maya

On the path of yoga we honour Maha Maya, but knowing that it is only playful and illusive energy, and move toward the reality. 

Anyone who has crossed this ocean of illusion has said that it was only because of the grace of the Master. You need to make effort but it alone is not enough. You will need the guidance and grace of the Master.


“It is because of the grace of my Master that my eyes are reversed. Now they look inward. Because of the grace, for me the ocean of illusion has dried, and Truth has appeared.”  Meera


As you honour Mother Divine, honour your Master too. They are one and the same. <3



Guru’s Kindness

I know a man

Who gave all his wealth

To his son

He lost both

His wealth 

And son


My Guru gave me all

And as I began to crawl

I prayed, please be kind

 Leash me from behind

My mind may sway

 Cut my feet

But don’t let me

Run away


Guru was even kinder

He neither leashed me

  Nor cut my feet

Nor  let me

Run away <3 <3