Sri Sri Yoga TTP Now Open To All

Up until now the Sri Sri Yoga Teacher Training Program (TTP) was available only to the Art of Living teachers but now it is available to anyone with sincere interest in yoga.

Sri Sri School of Yoga

Art of Living Centre , Bangalore, India

For the purpose of conducting Sri Sri Yoga TTPs, three Sri Sri Schools of Yoga were launched recently at the Art of Living Centres in Bangalore (India), Bad Antogast (Germany), and Boone (USA). There is already a great interest for the TTPs scheduled this year and this interest is expected to grow rapidly.

A new website for Sri Sri School of Yoga containing detailed information about the TTPs will be launched soon.

In the meantime, information about the upcoming TTPs can be obtained by contacting any of the three Schools.

Art of Living Centre Boone, USA

Art of Living Centre Bad Antogast, Germany

Inauguration of Sri Sri School of Yoga at Art of Living Centre, Boone




The Sri Sri School of Yoga in Boone was recently inaugurated by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in presence of over a thousand people.  We are blessed to have Gurudev as the Source of beauty, authenticity, and purity of Sri Sri Yoga. He guides and inspires millions around the globe on the path of yoga.

Are you considering becoming a yoga teacher?

A desire to become a yoga teacher itself is a blessing. By becoming a yoga teacher you learn to take proper care of yourself and teach others to take proper care of themselves. It is a great way to progress on the spiritual path rapidly. You get a better understanding of yourself. Teaching yoga in its true spirit is a great service to humanity. It is also a way to earn some income.

Where to go for your Yoga Teacher Training?

There are thousands of yoga training programs available worldwide.

‘Learn yoga under a master’  – Yoga Scriptures

You must ask yourself a few questions: Why do you want to become a yoga teacher? What’s it about yoga that interests you the most? Are you interested in just teaching, or also in your own spiritual growth?

If your interest lies only in the physical aspects of yoga, then with a little research you could  go to almost any school of yoga. However, if in addition to learning asanas properly, you also want to understand and experience true meaning of yoga, be able to impart that experience to your yoga students, and develop a meaningful discipline of yoga for your personal spiritual growth, then you need to be very diligent in selecting a school of yoga. Then the most important thing to look for is:  Who is the guiding light in that school of yoga?

Your mind and spirit are both unknown and unseen. To understand and experience them you need the guidance of a spiritual master. Just as a dedicated scientists discovers many hidden secrets in the physical realm of our existence, a devout spiritual seeker uncovers many mysteries hidden in the unseen field of our existence. Such enlightened masters are very rare.

Learning yoga from a school, where the guiding source is a living enlightened master, is like drinking water from the river at its origin where it is so pure. The yoga-knowledge and practices that come directly from the master are free from polluted interpretations and distortions.

What can you Expect to learn in Sri Sri School of Yoga:

Authentic yoga in its pure form.

Sequences of asanas with variations and modifications that are suitable for all levels of yoga students.

Principles of creating your own sequences.

Anatomy of  asanas

Asanas for many different physical conditions

Proper practice of asanas that not only benefits the body but the mind and spirit also.

Proper relaxation

Different layers of your existence

How to make your mind more flexible and strong so that it can pass through different situations in life skillfully and with a smile.

Proper practice of many different pranayamas, and how they influence different chakras and different dimensions of your mind.

Science of prana, chakras, and bandhas; and their relationship with the asanas

Sanskrit names and proper pronunciation of  asanas, pranayamas, bandhas

Yogic kriyas for cleansing the body and calming the mind.

Proper practice of meditation.

Clear understanding  of wisdom of yoga contained in yoga scriptures (Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Bhagvad Gita, Hatha Yoga Pradipika etc).

How to use the yogic wisdom in daily life and take yoga beyond the yoga mat.

Basic understanding of Ayurveda and proper nutrition

Different paths of yoga and their significance,

And the list can go on… You will learn a lot:)

You will not only learn but also experience it all.


At each Sri Sri School of Yoga, under the direct guidance of Gurudev, a team of certified, dedicated, and experienced teachers is there to train you to become a  certified,  knowledgable, and confident yoga teacher, and to guide and inspire you to discover the yogi in you.

We look forward to welcoming you! <3 <3