Dance Like Never Before

 Hanuman was a very brave, powerful, and devout devotee of Lord Rama. He belonged to a tribe in which people had many monkeys-like traits such as : curious, funny, fast, sharp, smart, and ability to jump and climb high etc.  That’s why, symbolically, He is shown with a tail and monkey face. He was endowed with many spiritual powers, and He played a very prominent role in winning the war between Rama and Ravana (between good and bad).  Though because of His service and devotion to Lord Rama, He rose to the stature of Lord Hanuman, but He still wanted nothing but Rama. His every breath was Rama. His every heartbeat was Rama. Thinking of Lord Hanuman awakens the devotion in you, gives you the strength to function in the world, and  inspires you to serve. Rama and Hanuman can never be separated but they appear as two. The world exists only in duality. Devotion can be experienced only in duality. The path of yoga exists only because of duality <3



Dance Like Never Before





achieved goals

  Are temporary

like a dream

however real

they may seem


Treat them changing-clothes

like garments

easy to discard

Nothing so precious

that you always

have to guard


Don’t let them be

 your skin

your identitybudha-quote

or your kin

Don’t rely on them

like a walking-cane

When taken away

 you will feel crippled

and in pain


Your identityadi-shankra-quote

is only one.

Self, the Atma

When you merge

You become beyond all

Blissful Parmatma


When you see

the world  


like a divine rose

but also transit

like changing clothes

 To your-Selframa-and-hanuman

you remain close


To merge

just peel off

the layers

Even no need for

any prayers


Close your eyes

spiritual-dance-2Wish nothing more 

Your heart will dance

Like never before.

<3 <3