SSY TTP Is Unique + German Ashram

Sri Sri Yoga Teacher Training Program Is Unique

It provides you an excellent training in Hatha Yoga and, in addition, it  awakens the yogic wisdom and devotion in you to give you a wholesome understanding and experience of yoga, enabling you to become a very knowledgable and confident teacher of yoga and, more importantly, a solidly grounded yogi.

“Those who are steadfast in  knowledge, and devotion toward Me, I consider them to be the highest, I am very dear to them and they are dear to Me.” Bhagavad Gita 7-17


SSY TTP At the German Ashram

Germany TTP -1
What a dedicated, sincere, and creative bunch! I had so much fun with them. We laughed so much. I learnt and received more than what I could give. A BiG THANK YOU TO ALL.

A SSY TTP is in progress at the AOL ashram in Bad Antogast, Germany. I was there for the first two weeks, and now Kamlesh Barwal, the International  Director of SSY, and her amazing team are conducting the TTP.
In the picture above, sitting on my right are Kamlesh, Beatrice, and Valentine, and on my left , Tatiana, Mayur, and Britta, all experienced and dedicated teachers who touch people’s hearts through their teaching, and by living what they teach.

All students shared their beautiful experiences with me. Below is one:




Germany TTP -3


Valentina, who is assisting at the course, sent me the following note:

I need to write these few lines below.
There was so much devotion & strength that you raised up in all of us. This batch, many of them have done only one HP course and no other, quite new, many never met Gurudev, are melting into the bliss and the love your presence is showering on everybody around you. 
The awareness and the peace you are triggering – I wish that many more TTP participants will have the chance to spend this so precious and needed time with you.
I am ever grateful that even so late when you are not so much teaching at least not in Europe or India it still happened to have met you. 
 Looking forward to seeing you again soon. 🌸🌺

Germany TTP-6

Lo! I grew 20 years older overnight 🙂

People at the German ashram are always very nice to me, but one year it was extra special. 

When I was 55, they had planned an European tour for me. In an email, there was a typo and my age got written as 75, which was a surprise to most but no one questioned. After all, I was supposed to be a yogi:)

So, in the flyer, my age was mentioned as 75. They also wrote in it that because of my old age that was probably the last European tour I was going to make. I hadn’t seen the flyer and was unaware of it all.

When I arrived at the Frankfurt airport, the person who had come to pick me up was being very helpful and extremely gentle with me. He didn’t even let me carry my back pack. He stood beside me and held my one arm as I was getting in the car. Before closing the door he asked me a couple of times if I was okay. It seemed a bit unusual but I only thought that he was being very nice. On our way to the ashram he said to me,” It is so amazing that you travel so much even at this age.” I just smiled.

At the ashram also, people were being extra nice to me. They won’t let me do or carry anything.  Someone would always be walking behind me, especially when I went up the stairs. After the asana  sessions I would get so many more-than-normal compliments: ”You are so inspiring’ , ‘How can you do asanas so nicely even at this age!’ ‘I just like watching you do asanas’ etc.

I was starting to wonder but didn’t suspect what everyone had been thinking, that I was 75.
It was after a couple of days that I happened to see the flyer, and the mystery was solved.

Before I pointed out the typo to them, I kept quiet for another day and enjoyed the extra attention. 😄




The snake shown around Sage Patanjali represents alertness, and awakened awareness. With the awakened awareness you see that which is invisible, and don’t see that which is visible.