Do you have any yoga questions?

Yoga means so many different things to different people and, therefore, their questions  also vary. 

During my courses many students ask many questions, and the answers to some of these questions sometimes open the doors to beautiful knowledge which seems to be beneficial to all course-participants. 

I would like to compile some of your questions and my answers in a booklet.

Regardless of which path you follow, I request you to send me your questions that you may have regarding any aspect of yoga including:

Personal Practice
Personal Struggle or Success, etc. 

Your name and any other personal information shall  be kept confidential, unless you consent to making it public, in which case I will be happy to include your name with your question(s) in the booklet. 

Also, if you have an inspiring personal story related to your yoga journey, which you would like to share with others, please send it to me. I may include some of the stories in this booklet.

Please share this post with other yogis you may know. 

Please write to :

❤Thank you🙏