A Glimpse of Consciousness


infinite space
The eyes of a yogi see only the Infinity. 

The Space Gives You A Glimpse

God, or Consciousness, one and the same, is beyond comprehension, but the space gives you a glimpse of the Consciousness. It exhibits some of the attributes of the Consciousness.

The space, like Consciousness, is ananta (infinitely vast) , niradhara (self-supporting), niranjana (untouched, unaffected),  and sarvavyapak (omnipresent) etc.

The space, like Consciousness, cannot be cut, burnt, or destroyed. A multitude of activities take place in space, but it itself remains unaffected.

In space there is kindness, there is cruelty. The space is one but in it exists the duality.

In space there is room for all. Good and bad, big and  small.

There is room for pleasure, room for pain. There is room for loss, room for gain.

There is love, there is hate. There is timelessness, also a momentary state.

There is Ravana, there is Rama. There are austerities, wars and trauma.

All is born in space, all dissolves in space.

In it, so much exists, but nothing that really exists.❤


Small And Big Mind 

Your mind is also like space. In it exists all.
Just as you build walls and live in a confined space which you call your own house, similarly, you build boundaries in the big mind and live in a small mind, which becomes your identification. 

When the mind is small, all that exists in it, seems very big and significant. In a big mind, all that exists, becomes small and insignificant.

 Yoga is to break the self-created boundaries. Then the union with infinity becomes instant and spontaneous. It is that simple. 

Knowing this, a yogi doesn’t search for God. Instead, he just breaks the boundaries. Searching for God is denying omnipresence of God. ❤❤

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