If I Ever Doubt Guru Ji? + Beautiful Brazil

Yoga and Wellness Retreat Brazil

Brazil 1
Beautiful Brazil
Brazil 3
The Retreat was organised by beautiful volunteers under the leadershjip of  Isabella, Adriana, Carolina, and Tiago
Brazil 2
 Beautiful and sincere course participants. Beautiful experiences. Thank you all for sharing your precious week with me. 


Doubting Guru Ji!

storms in the ocean -2

Dear Krishan ji,
Sometimes I doubt Guru Ji
. Wondering if  you ever doubt Him?    – A.B. 

You say  you doubt Guru Ji sometimes, so you must believe most of the times. Then which one is true, something which you experience most of the time or which you experience only sometimes? Which one should you give more importance to?

I personally sometimes may disagree with Guru Ji, but I have never doubted whether He is a true Master.

Once you have experienced the Sun, you cannot doubt its presence or its brightness regardless of the clouds in the sky. You may not like the clouds but you can’t doubt the Sun.

When you are near the Ocean, you know you are near the Ocean. The Ocean is beautiful, but it can also be stormy at times. You may not like the storms, but you can’t doubt if it is the Ocean. 

Learn to differentiate between a doubt, and what you don’t like. Don’t see your dislikes and disagreements as your doubts. And when you disagree, it helps to remember who is the Master!

 If your journey includes crossing the ocean of illusion, then there are no options but to accept the totality of the Ocean (the Master).