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A Rock Is Not Just A rock, + Amazing Inspiration!

Rock -6

Does a rock have Spirit? It must, if we believe that the Spirit is omnipresent. 

Rock 5

A rock represents ancient vastness, stability, and strength.

Rock taj-mahal-stone_grande

There is beauty hidden in a rock, a seeker finds it.

Rock - church

There is a church in a rock!

Rock -Ganesha

Lo! A  Ganesha too! 

 Just as every wave that appears in the Ocean is water, similarly, whatever appears in the Spirit, seen or unseen, matter or living, is Spirit, though the degree of its apparentness varies.  Apparentness of  the Spirit in a rock is lesser than in a plant. In a human it is much greater, and in an enlightened being it is incredibly greater. 

Spiritual practices, devotion, and faith make Spirit’s presence more apparent. In many  ancient temples and churches one can feel the strong spiritual energy radiating even from a rock. There, a rock is no longer just a rock. Being in an environment of devotion and faith, the presence of Spirit in it has become very apparent. 

Immense beauty, and innumerable forms and shapes are hidden in a rock. A sculptor finds them. He is able to discover them only because they pre-exist in a rock. You can find butter in the milk only because butter pre-exists in milk. 

 A rock has science, signs, and clues embedded in it. That’s how a geologist learns and knows about a rock. If there were no clues and signs, the learning and knowing would not be possible.

A yogi doesn’t see a rock as only a rock. He sees beauty in it. He sees infinity in it, and most importantly he sees the Spirit in it and honours it.

A yogi sees Spirit everywhere and, with his heart, does namaste to all that is.


Amazing Pierre! Amazing Inspiration!


 I receive my inspiration from so many sources, including so many of you.
Pierre Laflamme is one such source. He has been my friend, and spiritual companion for over 30 years. I am proud of him and our friendship.

If you meet Pierre once, you remember him forever. His smile, gentleness, humbleness, and kindness leave an everlasting impression in your heart. 

Pierre is the President of Art of Living Foundation in Canada, and also the Director of  the Canadian Ashram. He is also a very popular teacher of several advanced Art of Living courses, His students relate and connect to him very easily because he teaches not like a teacher, but like a friend.

He has been a strong pillar of the Art of Living Foundation in Canada, and the Canadian ashram from the very beginning. Serving and sacrificing come naturally to him. I remember, during the early days of the ashram, when there wasn’t much accommodation there, Pierre would give comfortable and heated rooms to others, while he himself would sleep on the floor, wrapped in blankets, in an unheated space, in bitterly cold weather. 

He is a sincere karma yogi, and a true devotee. He loves Guru Ji dearly.  Guru Ji too loves him dearly, and entrusts and empowers him. ?

 I asked a few ashramites, who have been living at the ashram for many years, to share a few words about Pierre, they all said that a few words were not enough to write about Pierre. Here are some of the sharings:

I have know Pierre Laflemme for 14 years, he was my direct supervisor for 6.5 years and is the same age as my Dad. I feel very close to Pierre and value his friendship. One lesson that I have learned from Pierre over the years was to focus on your commitments not your feelings, something Gurudev told Pierre one day on a phone call from Germany. The other, to always have a laugh in any situation. The more difficult the situation, the bigger and deeper the laugh”.   – Mark

If you ask Pierre, he will tell you that he was only coming to the ashram for a few months; but he has been here for over 30 years helping the Centre grow and expand.  His name, which means rock or stone, is a true exemplification of name and form. He has provided a foundation for growth for the International Art of Living Centre – Canada.  To watch him work is an inspiration…….wherever there is a need he is there, in the garden, chopping and stacking wood, postering, or cleaning rooms…. He is so sincere and focused, yet has a spontaneous immediate sense of humor, which makes you feel he could have been a stand-up comedian. People come easily to him to talk, complain, or find some resolution with an issue.  He feeds them knowledge and listens, and sees how he can help, and also how the person can help him or herself.  His commitment to the Centre, to pushing through challenging situations, is an inspiration….  His leadership moves the Centre forward and his devotion to Guruji reminds us that discipline, focus and devotion nurture life and create expansion.”    – Mede

“Pierre embodies so much of the knowledge that Guruji has given us, and gives me hope that one day I can be as kind, compassionate, considerate as he is. I organized silence courses for him in Saskatoon. Once after I picked him from the airport, I was nervous about the way, and I got lost on the road for an hour – he had travelled over 10 hours to fly into Saskatoon. I was amazed at his kindness, patience and compassion towards me. He was tired and hungry, but he did not loose his temper. I eventually found the way and got him to the retreat centre. Every time I have gone to Pierre with any issue, I have always come away feeling lighter, and as Guruji says – this is the sign of good company.”    – Shreya

Guruji - Pierre

We love you Pierre!

Thank you for being an amazing inspiration to so many.


My schedule has been updated on my schedule page. Currently I am at the Canadian ashram teaching the 10 day silence course with Bharti. It is starting to get cold here, but the air feels very fresh and high in prana.?

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