Honoring and protecting Nature is everyone’s responsibility.
A yogi takes from Nature, based on his need, not greed.

A Seeker Must Learn Rock-Climbing!

Some of the dedicated volunteer yogis who organized the Yoga and Wellness Retreat in Dubai.

Boone TTP

SSY TTP group in Boone is learning to do the standing Agnisara Pranayama. A very lovely and sincere group. It is my good fortune that I get only sincere people in all my courses.

Rock climbing

A Seeker Must Learn Rock-Climbing

Peter, one of the Sri Sri Yoga TTP participants in Boone must be a rock-climber. He asked if rock-climbing could be made spiritual? 

 Any activity in life can be made spiritual by:
Taking interest in it
Paying full attention to it
Being grateful for the skills that you have, and
Remembering and honouring the Divine presence which, in fact, is doing it all.

Do the rock-climbing if it interests you, but you must also learn to do the inner rock- climbing.  Your desires, and physical and mental identifications are like big mountains which you must climb and transcend. You have been told that it is very difficult to transcend the mind, , but it is not. It just requires continuous abhyasa. 

Guru shows you the path, but you must walk the path.  Walking is the essential self-effort, only to realize that you were always being carried.

“Ones desires, anger, ego, greed, and attachments are the mountains that one must cross over.” Saint Kabir


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