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I am a seeker, student, teacher, and teacher-trainer on the path of yoga. Preserving the true purpose and purity of authentic yoga is of utmost importance to me. I strive to give my students an experiential learning of true yoga. 

Spirituality has always held a special place in my life. From my early childhood, I have been privileged to spend time with several great Spiritual Masters. Their teachings and blessings have shaped my spirituality in multiple dimensions. My yoga quest began at an early age. I have had the opportunity to learn yoga from great teachers, from different traditions, both in India and Canada. I received my formal teacher training from Shivananda School of Yoga. However, I understood and experienced yoga in its true sense, at the spiritual level, only after I met my current Spiritual Master Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the founder of the Art of Living Foundation. 

In 2001, after being an Electrical Engineer for 23 years, I left Engineering to pursue my passion for yoga and spirituality. 

Over the years, I have developed several Sri Sri Yoga Programs, which not just nourish the body, but also the mind and Spirit. I have trained thousands of yoga teachers, and taught therapeutic yoga programs, and other Art of Living courses around the globe. 

In my years of teaching yoga, I have received the most beautiful testimonials and compliments, both from my yoga friends and my Spiritual Master. But even for a moment, I never forget to direct all praise to Him. Because I know, whatever I know and whatever I have, it all comes from Him. I belong to Him. 

Him is not an individual or a gender. It is the Divine Presence in me. It is the same Divine Presence in everyone.  Recognition of this Divine Presence in me is a blessing, bestowed on me by my Spiritual Masters of present and past, for which I am ever so grateful. 

I am equally grateful for being supported and loved so fondly by my Spiritual Master, my family, and thousands of my yoga friends.

My yoga flows from this space of love and gratefulness. 








35 thoughts on “About Me

  • He made us climb the mountain, Right to the Top!
    Not only did we climb it, but he established that mountain deep inside us too!
    A mountain of faith,
    A mountain of peace,
    A mountain of joy,
    A mountain of LOVE!

    We reached the pinnacle of devotion,
    And just stayed there, singing and dancing in ecstasy!

    His presence magical & infinite,
    His words carrying a universe within a universe,
    His smile like the blossom of a thousand petals,
    His eyes sparkling divinity!

    To him, who has opened another dimension to existence,
    I offer my humble pranams,
    To him who has taken us from the real to the “real”
    I offer my humble pranams…

    Thankyou Krishanji!
    You have set a heart on fire again,
    It is burning in sweet devotion!

    May your MAGIC touch all Beings!


  • Dear Krishanji ,

    I was a part of your therapeutic yoga retreat which just concluded today at the Bangalore ashram.
    I was transported to the good old days of 2006 TTC of SSY that we did in Bangalore ashram.
    You made Yoga so simple. Kept telling us repeatedly not to compare, which is what we keep doing often.

    Most amazing program . Extremely honoured to have been a part of this program . Please keep coming to India .

    “Asatoma sadgamay”, “don’t focus too much on the body “, have had a profound effect on me.

    Thanks for being you , for living the knowledge you spoke , for being our role model Yogi.

    Thanks to our awesome Guruji for giving us Krishanji.

  • Dear Krishanji,

    Thank you so so much for your wonderful and beautiful Knowledge, Advice, and Yoga that ended perfectly yesterday. I was very sincerely moved by your last act (on the stage) after we finished our 7 days course of Sri Sri Yoga 2 and Advance Silence Course in Penang, Malaysia. I can really felt your blessings for all of us that moment. It was soooo beautiful and touching. Hope you enjoyed the Satsang Dance with all of us that night, it was so wonderful that I won’t be able to lose these memories.

    I am a very very talkative person that naturally always tries to make all the people around me happy, smiling and laughing, that 3-4 days of silence made me realised “Talking in the heart sometimes feels nice and funny too” haha….
    To be honest it is killing me softly and gently on the first 2 days beautifully. It is by far my biggest and toughest personal spiritual challenge I ever did. I’m glad that I did quite well, even I looked at the phone sometimes and tried to talk. I’ll do the advance course again until i dropped this habit.

    Anyway I sincerely wish and also send our blessing on your spiritual journey.

    See U when I see U.


  • Dear Krishanji,

    I am not a big fan of Yoga nor have I done SSY. Yoga to me is Surya Namaskar and Padma Sadhana. I came to know about you from your students from Therapeutic Yoga. There was a Google hangout with you before their therapeutic yoga course and she was bragging about how awesome and amazing you where. After the long Kriya one Saturday I happened to watch your google hangout. It touched me so deeply. Then your student shared your blog with the local Sangha watsapp group and few of your blogs moved me so much I was in tears. There is so much depth in you. Some times the words in your blog wwer exactly what I was looking for. It was so healing and tears of gratitude never forget to flow. The way you are and say what you are without feeling bad or fear about what you are, touched me so much. I wanted to write to you long back. But the words and what I wanted to say did not co-operate. Today some how I felt its okay even if I blabber or you don’t understand a bit on what I am trying to say, I decided to write….I am so grateful to your hangout and Blogs and more over for being what you are. I could not find your email ID to mail you…Hence here.

    Gratefully Yours,

  • Beloved Krishanji. Sanjay and I are remembering you so much today. We feel so blessed to have you as our teacher. We long for be in your divine presence again, see your smile, & hear your voice again. A true yogi is rare and precious, and we feel so so so fortunate to have experienced YOU. Please come back to visit us in South Africa, we are all longing to drown in the devotion, knowledge, & simplicity that is Krishanji. Forever students who carry you in our hearts. Vani & Sanjay- South Africa

  • Pujya Krishanji,

    Your blog posts continue to inspire me to move forward in love, devotion, and service. Words are in simple language, carrying depth and have helped uplift my spiritual practices.

    I was touched when you wrote, “To tell my story; I have to drop modesty ——-Modesty is a characteristic of the ego, and it belongs to the outer world.”

    I am reminded of my schoolteacher who told me that: Pride need not be a bad trait but don’t allow pride to get in your way
    So, having pride is completely acceptable, but being consumed by it is bad. Do not automatically castigate the opinion of others. You may even find yourself unnecessarily rejecting a good proposal or initiative only because you did not think of it. So, if you are smart, rely on your reasoning and if pride interferes then it is a feature not worth nurturing.

    Story RE; being extremely pseudo-humble and distorted-pride:
    A merchant considered himself as the most humble person to have ever lived. One day a villager told him that another person in a neighboring village was even more humble than him. Alas, the merchant was furious and shouted with anger that no living person can be more humble than him !!

  • Pujya KrishanJi,
    Privileged and blessed to be your SSY student where your knowledge, compassion and love were bestowed on us. I experienced first hand how you passionately brought yoga philosophy and teachings from the Himalayan masters and Guruji to transform us. This helped us shift our mind inwards and radiate love outwards. You have been an inspiring mentor, superb Yoga teacher, and most gracious human being. I wish more of my Dr colleagues and friends could get an opportunity to do yoga courses with you.
    There are no permanent goodbyes in this era of social media. We’ll meet again. Best wishes,
    Nick Shroff
    To associate with a sadhu is like sitting near a seller of perfumes. You may not be able to own any of the wonders he holds, but what emanates from them will envelop you. — Saint Kabir

  • Dear Krishan Ji,
    Could you please let us know if there are any courses that you are going to teach in the USA in 2016?
    A bunch of us would like to attend and would like to plan getting time off from work.
    Please let us know and we pray that you do a therapeutic yoga retreat course for us.

  • Dearest Krishanji!
    I can’t believe I missed meeting up with you at WCF in Delhi (in spite of being in the same room for a fleeting minute!).
    But I think of you all the time and treasure the yoga classes with you in South Africa. I wish every human being on the planet could get an opportunity to do yoga with you.

    Dev Varyani/ Dubai

  • Krishanji, I LOVE, and look forward and savour every post you write. The simplicity, love and devotion soothes my soul especially when I am in places where I am alone and it is very cold, and things are tough going. Thank you so much for sharing so much with us. Am truly blessed to call you my teacher.

    Jai Gurudev! Shreya.

  • Sent from my iPhone
    Krishanji and BhartiBen ,
    I feel so blessed to have take the SSY TTC with your guidance. SSY was a life transforming experience for me and am eternally grateful for your love, wisdom and expertise. I strive daily to work on the asana, pranayama and meditation that you taught all of us so diligently.

    Also special Thankyou to BharatiBen the medicines when I injured my shoulder on Day 10. Besides the acute shoulder pain, it also helped some of my chronic knee pain so nicely although it caused a little drowsiness which I could easily handle. We are truly blessed and so privileged that you shared with us on our courses.
    Best Wishes
    nick shroff

  • Dearest Krishan-ji,

    I only have deepest gratitude in my being for your guidance. I took your Sri Sri Yoga Part II class in DC and have never experienced asanas in the way you taught them–integrating asana with yoga. I have never felt my body in so much awareness and love. Every cell in my body was rejoicing and in each posture there deep prayer to the divine. You are a gifted teacher and I anxiously await your next course and hope to take teacher’s training with you.

    Big squeezy hug,

  • Course with Krishan Verma
    was inspiring and amasing with lots of deep knowlidge and his practical expirences sharing with as. Looking foward to repeat it..

    Thanks to him again…

  • beloved Krishanji, today is Teacher´s Day im so grateful to Guruji for you, he gave me many gifts but the honor of having you as a teacher, attending your workshops and helping you was one of the big blessings in my life. Thank you for your Love, caring, knowledge talks and advices <3. I celebrate you today <3 Jai Gurudev <3

  • Thank you Krishanji for a great expirience of what is yoga. I feel blessed to have a chance to met you. Words not enough to express. Happy and grateful. Hope to se you again 🙂

  • Dear Krishanji,
    I did the 15 minutes energy booster yoga and it was really amazing. Can I do the sequence more than once. I really love it. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and keep us posted on the refresher SSY TTC. I am really looking forward to seen you agian and learn as much as possible.
    Warmest love and jay gurudev,
    Cliff (your eternal student)

  • Jgd Krishanji
    You have changed my life after doing the SSY 1 and TTC with you.
    I used to do my yoga practices trice a week , and after completing the course with you , i do it daily . I can not start my day with out it .
    Thanks to you and GURUJI for moulding my life into a yogic one.
    Looking forward to see you again in South Africa.
    Love and greetings Anil Keshav

  • Dear Krishanji

    I will never forget my experience on your courses….tears of gratitude and joy, feeling fully energized yet relaxed. To go from just an average Joe with no knowledge of yoga to such profound experience in just a few sessions….wow :). You are truly amazing.

    Hope to see you soon.

    Lots of Love
    Craig, South Africa

  • I feel so blessed to have had SSYTTC training with Kishanji and now through this blog- I can “hear’ him and remain his student “always!”

  • Dear krishanji

    Thankyou for being there and bringing out the yogi in us 🙂 every moment with you was blissful
    your presence is always with us and we seek your blessings to walk the path you have shown us .

  • First Thanks to Divine for blessed us with the Kishanji… Thank you Kishan ji for being there and being what you are.. We are blessed to have you.. “There is no difference in divine and devotee” this words becomes true when we got chance to sit in your presence.. as I found no difference in Guruji in You.. Love you so much!!

  • Jai Guru Dev.
    Feeling great to have come on this website.
    It’s all Guru Kripa in one of his many ways to bless.

  • Welcome Krishan and thank you for allowing us bloggers to follow you here. Your valuable knowledge is wonderful to absorb and I am happy your willing to share with us as we move along the sri sri yoga path. Much gratitude, Brenda Perks

  • Dearest Krishanji ,
    I feel so blessed to have you in my life as my teacher , mentor , guide and father-figure. SSY was a life transforming experience for me and i am eternally grateful for your continous love and guidance. I strive daily to imbibe all that you have taught me in my life and live like a Yogi as you do. We are truly blessed and so priviledged that you shared with us on courses and now , through my yoga space , will continue to share your pearls of wisdom. It feels like i’m on your course all the time and can truly feel your presence….aah what a warm and loving feeling….thank you , thank you Krishanji : )

  • Dearest Krishanji
    i feel more and more priviledged to have been your student and blessed that the universe has steered my path in your direction because you touched me deeply which surpassed even the knowledge of yoga which you so passionately shared with us. I wish you happinness, wisdom and that your soul continues elevating higher and higher. You have been most inspiring to me as a human being first and foresmost and then as a yoga student/teacher. I am very grateful to you. THANK YOU! Jai Guru Dev

  • Dearest Krishanji stay in your presence let us understand directly what Yoga is, I feel so blessed to have You as my Teacher, the most blessed….. nothing can express….just Grace to have met You. Jai Guru Dev

  • thank you so much for sharing your love and wisdom with us – and the world. much love and gratitude from cape town. Jai Gurudev.

  • Thank you Krishanji, who energized us and helped us to deal with people with more compassionate and love. Your knowledge and love is always with us : “You are a nice person” and “Be Grateful” ! 🙂

  • Dearest Krishan Ji
    it was such a precious part to be accepted as a student in your courses.
    Your knowledge is that deep, vast, and complete, that I would like to say,
    “You are the Divine gift to spread the knowledge of Yoga on Earth.”

    Thank You for everything you did and do to uplift the energy on Earth and in our souls.

    Love, Karin 🙂

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