Loving and Serving God is Supreme Yoga.
Serving those in need is serving God.

Acknowledge His presence in small things. It will grow bigger!

So many events happen in one’s life when God’s presence becomes apparent and says, “I am here with you.” But one may see such events merely as coincidences. For a seeker, however, coincidence doesn’t exist.

Have you not experienced that sometimes when you think of calling someone on the phone, that very moment that person calls you, or when you desire for something, it comes to you unexpectedly, or when you need a helping hand, it arrives?
My life is filled with such moments. For me, such small moments become very huge, in which I see and hear the Divine. The more I acknowledge the Divine presence, the more it grows in my life.
I am happy to share a few such moments with you.

Craving for Chocolate:
One evening after I had my dinner, I was craving for chocolate but there was none in the house. That very moment, there was a knock on the door. When I opened the door, two schoolboys were standing there, one of them holding a chocolate bar in his hand. He asked me if I would like to buy one. They were raising money for their school trip. It was purely a Divine moment for me. I bowed down to the Divine boys in my heart.

Tomatoes and Cucumbers:
Once at Montreal ashram, I wanted to make my favorite sandwich for lunch. But I only had an avocado and wished that I had cucumber and tomato too. That very moment, there was a knock on the door. It was Pierre, holding in his hands a bowl full of tomatoes and cucumbers. He said,” I thought you might like these. Fresh from the garden.”
I had tears in my eyes. It was God standing in front of me.

Money Arrives:
Once at Bangalore ashram, while walking toward the meditation hall for my next yoga session, I was thinking about a project and was wondering where would the money come from? That very moment, a car which was coming toward me stopped next to me. Inside the car, there was a couple, both my yoga students. They offered to drive me to the meditation hall. While driving me there, they humbly said to me to let them know if I needed any financial help. I was totally dumbfounded. For me, they both transformed into Divine presence which was saying to me ‘ I am here’.

The Special Comb:
This story is somewhat funny and mysterious. When I was traveling to Taiwan last year, I realized that I didn’t have a comb with me. So I said to myself that I must remember to buy a comb in Taiwan. I hardly have any hair on my head but, yes, sometimes I still need to comb:)
Upon arrival in Taiwan, when I was waiting in line for Immigration, I just couldn’t believe when I saw a new comb, still wrapped in plastic, lying on the floor slightly ahead of me. I asked the two people ahead of me if they had dropped that comb. Both said no, and I was glad that no one picked it up either. When I reached closer, I picked it up with reverence. For me, it was not just a comb. It was an ‘ I am also going to Taiwan with you ‘ moment.

The special comb

Acknowledge Good Things In Your Life. There Are So Many!

Whatever you will acknowledge more in your life, it will grow more. If you acknowledge the negativity more, it will grow more. If you acknowledge the good things more, they will grow more in your life.
Acknowledging good things in life makes you more grateful, and being grateful brings silence in the mind more than any other practice.

Sage Anidra once said,” Yoga is not a journey to go or reach somewhere. It is a journey to become still and silent. An oscillating mind cannot see Govinda. Neither can a noisy mind hear Him. Only a grateful mind has the potential to be silent and still.”

Who is Sage Anidra? Next post…….

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