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An Update – Himalayan Awakening Course



 Because of the greater than expected response for this course, we are raising the registration limit from 30 to 70.  We will be arranging additional accommodation in a  hotel. near by.

If you are interested, you may want to register soon, as 40 people have already registered.
To reserve your space, you are required to make a non-refundable deposit of $500.00. The registration info is given below.
However, before registering please send me an email ( telling me a little bit about your spiritual journey, and your health condition. If you register without approval, your application may be rejected and you may lose the deposit.

 The option to come only for the 10-day silence course is not available at this time. 

‘The Himalayan Awakening’ 


Feb 24  (4:00 PM) – March 15 (12:00 PM),  2018 

A 20 day program in the midst of  Winter at the Montreal Ashram, when the prana in Nature is super-pure and abundant. Learning and doing spiritual practices in such prana-rich environment can freeze your mind in stillness and alertness.  The winter at the Montreal ashram is beautiful but can also be rough. One’s willingness to endure some roughness is like doing tapas (austerities), and reflects one’s sincerity to know oneSelf.  These are some of the reasons why many seekers choose to go to Himalayas for some time. I bring the Himalayan experience to you at the Montreal ashram.

This course is an opportunity for you to immerse yourself deeply in all aspects of yoga practices. You will experience the power, beauty, and depth of practices when done properly and with honour for longer periods. 
During this course, we will flow with the rhythm of the moment. We won’t end a meditation just because it is the scheduled meal time, or you may be awakened at 2:00 AM for a yoga session, and still expected to be present for the scheduled morning sadhana. 

 During the first 10 days of the course, the focus will be on making the body and mind healthier and stronger with the intense practices of Hatha Yoga such as asanas, pranayamas, bandhas, yogic kriyas etc. and, of course, meditations and sharing of knowledge will also be important parts of the daily routine.

During the next 10 days the focus will shift to meditations, silence, and knowledge; along with continuation of some hatha yoga practices.

Pre-requisite: Minimum three Art of Silence courses, regular yoga practice, and sincere interest in spirituality.
Course Fee: (Canadian Dollars)  $2045.00  (Early bird $1845.00)  
The course fee includes housing, 2 people/room with bath
To register :
More Information:

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