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Announcing 300 Hour Online Advanced Yoga TTP

300 Hour Yoga Online Teacher Training Program

18 July to 27 Sept 2020

Live Sessions on Weekends, and Home Study During Weekdays

As some of you have requested, I am pleased to announce a 300 Hour TTP in collaboration with EkaShri School of Yoga, run by a yogi couple, Dr. Shriram Sarvotham, and Ekaterina Jeleva, both very dear to me. Yoga is their passion and life. They both are embodiments of all eight-limbs of yoga. They are scholars of yoga scriptures, masters of asanas & other yogic practices, skilled, sincere, extraordinarily flexible & strong both physically and mentally, yet humble and down to earth. I have been very proud of them ever since they did the Sri Sri Yoga TTP with me several years ago. 



The current global situation has provided us with a short-time opportunity of conducting this yoga TTP online, making it convenient and affordable for students.

In this TTP you will receive all the needed knowledge, training, skills, and tools for becoming a learned, skilled, confident, and refined yoga teacher of yogic practices, including a few series of asanas that can be practiced and taught in the classic traditional way, or modern Vinyasa tradition way, or in your own creative ways.  You will also learn Shudham Sun Salutation, a unique series of asanas that you can also teach to add more variety and sanctity in your classes. 

In addition, you will experience the true essence of yoga, and learn the practical ways of living a yogic life that is healthier, balanced, meaningful, and joyous.

The live TTP sessions will be conducted in English, but the recorded version will be available for translations, and for playing online in different time zones to suit their timings. We will also have a few live sessions for students in different time zones who may not be able to attend the regular live sessions.


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