Loving and Serving God is Supreme Yoga.
Serving those in need is serving God.

Be a good friend to your mind, and Be a good guest

Being a Good Friend To Your Mind 


Your association with your mind is so strong that your mind influences and dictates your thinking, feelings, and actions. You see yourself and your mind as one entity.
The skill to break that association is to remind yourself again and again that you are separate from your mind. In any relationship, keeping a little distance makes the relationship healthier and more respectful. You will get very tired of a friend who is sitting on your head all the time and keeps telling you what to do. Your mind is always telling you what it wants and what you should do. That’s why you get tired of your mind.
Keeping a little distance from the mind, and advising it when it wants to do something which you know is not right, is a wonderful skill to develop. Then you are being a good friend to your mind.
For instance,  you know you need to do physical exercise, but when the mind is feeling lazy, then you have the option of either listening to the mind and not exercising or, as a friend, you tell the mind that we must exercise as it is essential.
As a friend, you help the mind in breaking the wrong patterns and habits it has developed. Once they are broken, the mind also becomes your friend, a very powerful friend. Then, as two good friends, you march forward together.

Being a Good Guest

There are two types of guests. The first type of guests, when they come to visit you, they don’t behave like guests. T
hey very quickly develop a feeling of belongingness and become like a part of your family. However, they also know that whatever is in the house belongs to you, and not to them. They are not envious of you and they don’t keep asking you if they could have this or that?
The second type of guests are those who expect and sometimes even demand to be served. They are not helpful and they may also be envious of what you may have. You feel happy when such guests leave.
This creation is a big house of God. You are here only as a guest. Nothing belongs to you. Whatever is here, it all belongs to Him. You have the option of being either of the two types of guests. Which type would you like to be?
A yogi feels total belongingness with the world, but also remembers that he is here only as a temporary guest. He is helpful, considerate, and grateful. He is not envious of what others have. He doesn’t always keep asking for more. He belongs to the world but without any ownership. He lives in the world as a good guest
 Trying to own, which arises from ignorance, is the cause of insecurity, fear, worries, and bondage. Living like a good guest is the secret for becoming dispassionate, and only a dispassionate person can be free.  
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