Honoring and protecting Nature is everyone’s responsibility.
A yogi takes from Nature, based on his need, not greed.

Believe in Yourself

Believe in Yourself

You say God is within you
But do you believe in yourself?
There is a voice in you
that speaks the Truth
Do you listen to it
or you rather hear from the Books?
Blessings and prayers
can bring you more
but not happiness
Being happy begins with
believing in yourself.
Believing in yourself
doesn’t mean always winning
It means playing your best
till the end of the inning.
So beautiful is the Sunrise
Even more beauteous is the Sunset
The Sun is always bright
even when it’s night.
When you believe in yourself
whether winning or losing
you see them like waves in the ocean
and just keep cruising.
When you pray
‘lead me from darkness to light’
you forget you are the light 
just as He
My dear, believe in yourself
whether in darkness or light

 you will always see.



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