Honoring and protecting Nature is everyone’s responsibility.
A yogi takes from Nature, based on his need, not greed.

Garlic & Onions, and Which Class Are You Traveling In?

“What you share on this blog is so beautiful, unique, and practical. Thank you.” “Your blog posts have helped me a lot, thank you. I would like to know more about Anidra and how we can free our mind of judgments, concepts about ourselves. How we can  wake up from the dream?” Waking up from […] Read More

Tales of a man and a wise

Proudly, a man said to the wise ‘I pray twice daily’The wise said to the man‘you beg twice daily’ A man said to the wise‘I am a follower of Buddha’‘You are not’ said the wiseThe man was surprised The wise said‘Buddha never followed anyoneBut you follow someoneHow can you be His follower!’ A man asked […] Read More

Improving Flexibility, and Small-Minded Thinking

Update on the ‘Healthier Me’ program The ‘Healthier Me’ program is unfolding very well. The participants are already seeing results and their feedback is very encouragingI am sorry some of you didn’t get on the program as I had to limit the registration to only 60 people. However, I may be offering this program again […] Read More

Acknowledge His presence in small things. It will grow bigger!

So many events happen in one’s life when God’s presence becomes apparent and says, “I am here with you.” But one may see such events merely as coincidences. For a seeker, however, coincidence doesn’t exist. Have you not experienced that sometimes when you think of calling someone on the phone, that very moment that person […] Read More

Sing your own song!

There are always some clouds in the skySome thick, some thinsome low, some high The stuff in your mindwhatever it may belikes or dislikes he or she Greed or angerfuture or pastambitions or desires small or vast You give them the importancethe thicker they becomeThe longer they staylouder the mental drum Light shines throughwhen the […] Read More

Third and Fourth Stages of a Seeker’s Life

Update on the ‘Healthier Me’ Program. The ‘Healthier Me’ program is full now. However, you can still apply for it and I will be happy to notify you when this program is offered again. I am looking forward to working with all those who have registered for this program. Together, we can become healthier. Please […] Read More

The ‘Healthier Me’ Program

  ‘Healthier Me’Feb 1 – April 10, 2020 In this ten-week online program, you will receive the needed tools, guidance, and inspiration to follow a disciplined lifestyle for making your body healthier, stronger, and more energetic.   Who is the ‘Healthier Me’ program for? You will benefit from this program if one or more of […] Read More

Will I Ever Be Free!, and Don’t Neglect Your Back and Neck.

Don’t Neglect Your Back and Neck Most yoga practitioners don’t do enough asanas to strengthen their back and neck muscles. That’s why even after practicing yoga for several years many experience back and neck pain, and many are not able to sit straight for more than a few minutes without a support. There is a […] Read More

Hide & Seek!

The journey is so simple but you have made it hard Searching for Him all over except in your own yard Playing hide & seek He is hiding behind a rock So fascinating and pretty a very attractive block The rock is your mind Unique, one of a kind Don’t keep studying the rock It […] Read More