Loving and Serving God is Supreme Yoga.
Serving those in need is serving God.

Four Stages of a Seeker’s Life

[vc_row css_animation=”” row_type=”row” use_row_as_full_screen_section=”no” type=”full_width” angled_section=”no” text_align=”left” background_image_as_pattern=”without_pattern”][vc_column][vc_column_text]In ancient times, the life was divided into four stages, the first two being for everyone, and the last two being primarily for the seekers. People then lived a healthy and long life, an average of about one hundred years, and each stage of life was given a […] Read More

The Advanced Triangle Pose, and Vrindavan Calling

Vrindavan Calling! A Saucha (cleanliness) initiative Vrindavan is a very sacred and special place for all Hindus, and millions of other spiritual seekers from all around the world. It has lots of beautiful and clean areas but it also has lots of very filthy and broken areas where you don’t want to be but you would […] Read More

Update – Vrindavan Calling

‘Vrindavan Calling!’ Kindly note that this retreat now is full with over 110 people. Any more requests will be added to the waiting list. I am so touched by your overwhelming response. I promise to do another and bigger retreat next year .You can still write to me if you are interested. Things do change. […] Read More

Vrindavan Calling!

Yoga Adventure and Retreat in Vrindavan!Hatha Yoga Bhakti Yoga Gnana Yoga Karma YogaAre you interested? Come and join my wife Bharti and me for a unique, meaningful, fun-filled, rejuvenating, and devotional experience in Mathura-Vrindavan, the birthplace and playground of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna is the Lord of Yoga and the supreme embodiment of love and […] Read More

The Great Anidra, and The death can be a blessing for seekers!

“Death is Truth, life is a dream”  Guru Nanak Dev Very very long ago, there lived a mighty king named Abhaya, meaning fearless. After ruling for several decades, he was desirous of learning about Truth, and obtaining liberation. Unsure of whom to seek guidance from, he invited four Masters to his palace. He had heard […] Read More

What a beautiful journey it has been!

  Above are some pictures from my recent courses: I enjoyed every minute of being with all the course participants. Thank you all. Your sincerity and dedication touches me deeply. What a beautiful journey it has been! The Yoga Scriptures say that one must learn yoga under a Master. I have been fortunate enough to learn yoga under the kind guidance of […] Read More

Do You Really Leave Empty Handed!

You are in HimHow can you do wrong or right?Surrounding you foreverHe is always in your sight Do You Really Leave Empty- Handed! The saying that ‘you leave the world empty-handed’ is only partially true. In fact, you carry a lot of baggage with you. Your mind carries it all, and there is no restriction […] Read More

Seeing God! The Easier Way!

In response to my last post, Is Eating Eggs an act of Himsa, Susie shared the above beautiful picture. and wrote: I am glad you acknowledged that hens lay eggs because of nature, and if they are unfertilized they do not contain a life.  I agree factory farming is cruel and inhumane and should be […] Read More

Is Eating Eggs an Act of Himsa?

 Himsa means violence, and ahimsa means non-violence. Ahimsa is the 1st principle of yoga. It teaches us to not commit unnecessary violence. Hurting or killing animals for our own gratification is an act of unnecessary violence. Some animals kill other animals for survival, but the humans don’t need to. The nature has provided us with […] Read More