Becoming a yogi simply means becoming a better person

Are You in Conflict?

” I have been on the spiritual path full time for many years, but I still crave for a more comfortable life. I also would like to get married and have a family. But a part of  me feels guilty for having such worldly desires. I am in conflict. Could you please advise.” You may feel […] Read More

Making Your Mind Pleasant!

Making Your Mind Pleasant (Chitta Prasadnam) In order to keep your mind pleasant and undisturbed, the Sage Patanjali tells you what kind of attitude you should have with different kinds of people. He breaks it down into four categories: Be friendly with people who are mentally happy and content.  Associating with them in a friendly […] Read More

The Advanced Tree Pose

The Beginner’s Tree Pose  The Advanced Tree Pose The Earth nourishes a tree A tree is deep rooted in Earth Your Self nourishes you Are you deep rooted in Self?  For nothing  in return a tree gives flowers, fruits wood and shade. For nothing in return do you reach out to needy to their aid? […] Read More

Kabir’s Prayer + More

How Can I Become Detached? The detachment enables you to remain unaffected by the  changing, and temporary nature of the world.  However, trying to become detached can be a struggle, which may give rise to frustration, delusion, sadness, wrong knowledge, and anger in you. So, instead of trying to become detached try to remain unaffected. How […] Read More

This and That….

Some Sharing Each spiritual journey is very unique, but most journeys also have many similarities. One of the reasons I write on this blog is to hopefully help my yoga students understand some of the similarities they may also experience. The responses I receive from my students inspire me to continue writing. Below are  some […] Read More

Divine Ashes, & How Can Infinite Be Contained In Finite?

Divine Ashes A dry wood catches fire easily. It burns wholly and unconditionally, no matter for what purpose it is burnt.  When a wood is burnt for religious purposes, both its fire and ashes are considered holy. The fire is honoured and worshiped, and the ashes are considered auspicious which people smear on their bodies to […] Read More

Precious Forever!

  Precious Forever A diamond is precious  Forever! Whether shining Or covered in dust Whether worn by a saint Or someone full of lust Whether stand alone Or  bound Whether lost Or found It’s precious Forever!   A man and his friend were doing some work in the man’s basement. There, the friend saw a […] Read More

The Magic of Consciousness! & 108 Sun Salutations?

Flowers with best wishes, from our home to you. The Magic Of Consciousness Realizing that change is in the nature of all beings, living or inert, the Awakened one remains unmoved and undisturbed, and easily finds peace within himself. Ashtavakra Gita 11-1 Consciousness is the source of whatever there is. Different levels of Consciousness exhibit […] Read More

A Seeker Must Learn Rock-Climbing!

Some of the dedicated volunteer yogis who organized the Yoga and Wellness Retreat in Dubai. A Seeker Must Learn Rock-Climbing Peter, one of the Sri Sri Yoga TTP participants in Boone must be a rock-climber. He asked if rock-climbing could be made spiritual?   Any activity in life can be made spiritual by: Taking interest in it Paying […] Read More