Honoring and protecting Nature is everyone’s responsibility.
A yogi takes from Nature, based on his need, not greed.

A Breathing Exercise, & ‘Hide Your Love’

A Few More Beautiful Moments From the Yoga Retreat in Dubai. We had so much fun! We honoured the Sun at dawn The Moon in the night We celebrated  each moment Whether dark or bright   A Useful Breathing Exercise: To get the maximum benefit from the following exercise do it with full awareness and […] Read More

The Root Cause of Birth & Death Cycle

 Yoga and Wellness Retreat in Dubai Just finished a Yoga and Wellness retreat in Dubai with 115 yogis from six continents.  For many participants, it was their first exposure to such a program, but everyone was so keen and sincere that within no time the whole group bonded in harmony by the wisdom and practices […] Read More

What Makes You Beautiful!

The 20-Days Himalayan Awakening Course Is In Full Swing At The Canadian Ashram   55  precious Divine Gems from around the globe are at the Canadian Ashram to experience and celebrate life in a yogic way. For many of the participants it is their first experience of seeing snow, and they are loving it. The grounds and […] Read More

Forgiving Others and Yourself!

Art of Silence Course Toronto, Canada Keen and Sincere Yogis In all the courses above, the course participants were very sincere and eager to learn, which made the teaching a joy. Many of them were commuting long distances daily, but still they were all present for the early morning sessions.  Love you all.  Experience Sharing […] Read More

Can Enlightenment Be Obtained Through Spiritual Practices?

Can spiritual practices really lead to enlightenment? I have been doing my practices for  over 25 years regularly and sincerely. I undoubtedly see many benefits, but I don’t see myself anywhere near enlightenment. I also do seva regularly and have sincere devotion in my heart. I don’t know what’s missing. Could you please share your thoughts […] Read More

A Rock Is Not Just A rock, + Amazing Inspiration!

 Just as every wave that appears in the Ocean is water, similarly, whatever appears in the Spirit, seen or unseen, matter or living, is Spirit, though the degree of its apparentness varies.  Apparentness of  the Spirit in a rock is lesser than in a plant. In a human it is much greater, and in an enlightened […] Read More

Should you always do the asanas on the right side first?

  You May Have Developed Some Wrong Habits Your body likes to move in the direction of the least resistance, or the way it becomes accustomed to. You walk, sit, stand, bend, and carry things in a habitual way, which may be the wrong way, such as, using one side of your body more, or […] Read More

You are precious. Don’t keep hurting yourself.

Greetings from the Canadian Ashram! Today it’s a beautiful Fall day here. You are precious. Don’t keep hurting yourself. Regardless of the reason, whenever you are upset or angry you are hurting yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. It is so ironic that in the process of becoming happier and making things better, you keep hurting […] Read More

Where Lies the True Knowledge?

Ahimsa : The first principle of yoga “When you become non-violent in your actions, speech, and thoughts, the violence drops in your presence.” says Patanjali. You become dear to all kingdoms of life, here and beyond.   The Words Are Not The True Knowledge Just as milk contains butter in it but the milk itself is […] Read More