Becoming a yogi simply means becoming a better person

The Most Beautiful!

Wanting to marry the most beautiful a king searched and found one He said to her  “My search is over and done  you are the one” Day and night He would keep her  in his sight Looking at her face with happiness, his heart would race Within two years and six days the beauty waned […] Read More

ED in Young Men, and Yoga

Erectile Dysfunction Last year during one of my courses, a young man, 29,  who was suffering from ED asked me if there were any yogic practices that could help his condition.   ED is considered a normal  condition in older people, but in young men it is not. There are many factors such as stress, […] Read More

An Update – Himalayan Awakening Course

  Update:  Because of the greater than expected response for this course, we are raising the registration limit from 30 to 70.  We will be arranging additional accommodation in a  hotel. near by. If you are interested, you may want to register soon, as 40 people have already registered. To reserve your space, you are […] Read More

Happy Guru Purnima 2017

Guru walks ahead  He is the Master You are the follower You may say But no He is the servant He walks ahead Only to clear your way He loves you Like no one You are His No question, none You question You Doubt If Guru is God But He knows  He is sure You […] Read More

Being Free from Anger Continued…

Freedom From Anger Anger can be a useful tool when used with awareness and a purpose. However, most of the anger is useless and harmful. Remembering and practicing the following may be helpful. Others are not responsible for your anger When you are angry, mostly it is because of the accumulated anger that is already […] Read More

Being Free From Anger….the yogic way

Helping is Divine. You can experience Divine through serving. Every help that comes to you is from Divine. Recognize and be grateful. You will receive much more. <3 I have known Dev and Harsha for many years. Currently they live in Dubai. Dev is a successful entrepreneur and Harsha is blessed with many talents and […] Read More

The Precious Soap

The Master gave a knowledge-soap to each of His disciples and asked them to go and use it. One disciple asked why they needed to use the soap? The Master gave many reasons, hearing which all disciples were very happy. Another disciple asked why the wrapping paper in which the soap was wrapped was white? […] Read More

Announcing A New Course

Some of my yoga students have been asking me for a longer course. So, with the blessings of Gurudev, I am pleased to offer one at the AOL Ashram, Montreal.  The Himalayan Awakening Feb 24 – March 15, 2018  Combined with 10-Day Intensive Silence Retreat March 6 -15, 2018 You can choose to come either […] Read More

The Eternal Song

 That there is only one God is not true. I am the flower. I am the colour. I am the fragrance. I am the stem. I am the leaf. I am the thorn. I am the ladybug. I am you. I am it. I am not one. I am as many as all. <3  Krishanji, […] Read More