Happy Guru Purnima 2017

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Happy Guru Purnima 2017

guruji's blessing

Guru walks ahead
 He is the Master
You are the follower
You may say
But no
He is the servant
He walks ahead
Only to clear your way

He loves you
Like no one
You are His
No question, none

You question
You Doubt
If Guru is God
But He knows 
He is sure
You are God

Falling in love is easy
Holding it is not
Not possible to open
When Guru ties the knot

On this day
Give Him a special gift
From hate to love
Make a quick shift

Love like Him
Love that sings
‘I want nothing
I just love you’

Sing again

‘I want nothing
I just love you’

Me on elephent - G clearing way

When I look back,  every step of my life had been cleared by Him. 

Many years ago, once I had gone to the ashram in Bangalore, and one day I went to the city for sight-seeing and also to do some shopping. As I walked on the city streets, unconsciously, I remembered one of my childhood favourite songs from a very old movie and sang it a few times. When I returned to the ashram in the evening, I went to see Gurudev in His kutir. There were a few other people sitting there. It seemed like an important meeting.  As soon as He saw me, He asked me which places I had gone to, and before even I could reply, He started singing the same song which I was singing earlier. He looked at me, smiled, and then resumed talking to others. 
I am never surprised when I experience something like this, and I have experienced similar happenings a few times, but I always feel joyful and grateful for such glimpses and reminders that He is always with me. 

He is always with everyone. Him and everyone are only One. There is only One.

<3 Happy Guru Purnima <3

Being Free from Anger Continued…

Horse ride

Malaysia 2017

Just finished two courses in Penang, Malaysia  with over  250 participants in each course. If you want to experience sincerity and innocence at their best, then you must attend  a course with these participants.  Thank you all. I learnt a lot from you. Missing you already.  <3

Malaysia 2017 volunteeres

This was the team of volunteers led by Zok and her husband Akanda on the left. They know how to organize a perfect course, with perfection in every thing from A to Z., all done with a smile. Thank you all. You are very special. <3

Freedom From Anger

Anger can be a useful tool when used with awareness and a purpose. However, most of the anger is useless and harmful. Remembering and practicing the following may be helpful.

Others are not responsible for your anger

When you are angry, mostly it is because of the accumulated anger that is already present in you. The external factors are just being a catalyst for stirring that pre-existing anger in you. By blaming situations and others, you only solidify the anger in you.

Your own desires, ego, greed, attachments, and jealousy are the root-causes of your anger.

Accept the realities of life

Some of which are:

Situations will continue to come in life which you don’t want or don’t like. You have no control over them.

Certain people will behave in a manner or do things which you may not like or agree with, or which may even cause pain to you. This is inevitable. 

You want only to gain and succeed in life, but the reality is that you will experience loss and failure also. 

Everything in life changes. When the change is inevitable, then why should you get angry and upset when it happens?

Similarly, there are many other realities of life which you must realize and accept.

Do whatever you can do to make things better but, in most situations, being angry is not the way.

Be with the anger

When angry, or faced with anger from others, remember that the situation is only a trigger, and take your attention away from the situation to your inner-being.
Observe the feeling and emotions arising within you without any judgements, questions, and blame.
Emotions that arise from anger are like the smoke that arises from the fire. Observing is like opening the windows to let the smoke out. Questioning and blaming is like inhaling the harmful smoke with the windows closed.

Take any needed action only when your inside has cooled down. Your action then will be much more meaningful and productive.

This way, instead of accumulating more, you will be able to erase some of the pre-existing anger.

Transform your anger into compassion

When you are feeling hurt and angry, at that time it can be helpful to remember that at times you also sometimes hurt others by your behavior and actions.
When someone is angry at you, especially if it is someone who loves you, or someone who has done good things for you in the past, accept their anger by remembering the good things, and your love for each other.
This practice of remembering at the right time will help you in transforming your anger into acceptance and compassion, which is soothing to the inner-being. With time and practice you will become better at it.
Just as, adding some yogurt to the milk turns all of that milk into yogurt, same way, adding some compassion to the anger turns all anger into compassion.

Laugh daily

The saying  ‘laughter is the best medicine’ is very true. But there is a proper way in which it should be done.
With a willingness to let go of the daily events, which irritate you and make you angry, fill your heart with compassion and love for yourself and others, especially those who may have hurt you, then laugh, and laugh more. Let your laughter carry compassion toward all.  Let the laughter come from your heart and allow your whole body to shake. Do this twice daily regularly, and in addition, laugh as soon as you can after an incident of anger. It is hard to laugh when your heart is heavy, but this is the best way to come out of heaviness.

Make laughing a part of your sadhana. It will bring comfort to your inner-being, and also improve your physical health.

Do the above for six months, you will notice a big reduction in the intensity and duration of your anger.
Do it for six years, your anger will be transformed into compassion, like the compassion of a yogi. <3 <3

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Being Free From Anger….the yogic way


Helping is Divine. You can experience Divine through serving. Every help that comes to you is from Divine. Recognize and be grateful. You will receive much more. <3


I have known Dev and Harsha for many years. Currently they live in Dubai. Dev is a successful entrepreneur and Harsha is blessed with many talents and skills. They both love Gurudev and yoga, and live balanced and purposeful lives, Over the years, Harsha’s interest in yoga has grown into her passion. Now she breathes yoga, 

Dev and Harsha give generously and prefer to stay anonymous. But I feel that such stories must be told so that others can be inspired . They know when and what is needed and are always there to help. They have helped Sri Sri Yoga in many ways.
Thank you Dev and Harsha!  Your sincerity, generosity, humbleness, and skills to live a balanced life are very inspiring .  <3


So rewarding!

I find it rewarding and encouraging to hear from my students who even after many years of taking yoga courses with me still remember and cherish their experiences from those courses.
Bernice from Australia wrote:
“I wonder where you are right now…you do look very busy and happy and am glad to see that in the blog photos.
Today I heard about the Himalayan Awakening course and I am writing to you to let you know that I hope to attend that course with you.
I have been remembering how lovely it is to be with you on a course!
Before the SSYTTC’s I was waiting for something to REALLY wake me up… you and your courses were the vehicle and the opportunity to raise me up out of something  that was dumbing me down that I didn’t even know I was in… I can’t even imagine what I am currently in that I am not even aware of.. but more importantly… You and those courses with you really transformed my whole life. There were so many transformational moments and such incredible feelings of connection and gratitude I am so very glad you are here on the planet and quietly continuing to travel and teach and uplifting so many people (and that you are now offering a longer course in the Montreal ashram! 😀 ” 

Thank you Bernice. Whenever you think of someone so genuinely, just know that the other person is also thinking of you. I look forward to seeing you again next year. <3 


Being Free from Anger!

 “I am a yoga teacher. I do my sadhana regularly. I read  knowledge and also do seva. I keep myself very busy. But still I have anger within me, and often end up in arguments.  It is frustrating. I really can’t understand how much more I should do to be silent within. Please guide me how can I not get carried away by anger.”  

 Many holy books of yoga mention six  passions or enemies of mind:
Kama – Desires
Krodha – Anger
Lobha– Greed
Moha– Attachment
Mada – Ego
Matsarya -Jealousy
Together they are called Arishadvarga

All six passions are very strong individually, and extremely powerful collectively. They are interconnected and interrelated. One leads to another. They are strong because over a period of many life times they have deep-rooted themselves into your inner-being. In each life you accumulate more, and make them even stronger. 

They are born out of avidya (ignorance), and are the root cause of unhappiness. Though in may books they are referred to as ‘enemies’, but I see them as challenges, not enemies. 

Just as, the only way to remove darkness is to shine some light there, the only way to overcome Arishadvarga, which arise out of ignorance, is through the proper understanding and practice of jnana yoga, the path of knowledge.

Krodha (anger), like fire, can be both dangerous, and useful if used skillfully. In most instances, because people lack skills, anger is dangerous. In anger you hurt yourself first,
and then the others. In anger you loose your centeredness and clarity of mind. Anger destroys relationships. Excessive anger can damage your nadis, the energy channels, and severely affect your physical and mental well-being. According to Bhagvad Gita (2-63), anger eventually leads to your spiritual destruction.

In my next post I will talk more about krodha and also give you a simple practice which has helped me.

In the mean time do this:
Laugh twice daily, for minimum 3 minutes continuously, once in the morning to welcome the day that lies ahead, and once in the evening to say goodbye to all that happened during the day. Laugh from the heart but loud, and let your body move with the laughter. Sometimes , when things don’t seem right, it is difficult to laugh, but still laugh. It may give you the needed strength to deal with difficult situations. <3 <3

Baby laughter

The Precious Soap

Soap 3DRoundMold

The Master gave a knowledge-soap to each of His disciples and asked them to go and use it.

One disciple asked why they needed to use the soap? The Master gave many reasons, hearing which all disciples were very happy.

Another disciple asked why the wrapping paper in which the soap was wrapped was white? He had seen a soap wrapped in pink somewhere else. He wanted to know the difference. The Master said the purpose of the soap was to clean, the wrapping paper didn’t matter. The disciple looked impressed and satisfied.

Another disciple opened the wrapping paper and smelled the soap. It had a very pleasant smell but different from another soap he had seen somewhere else. He wanted to know which one was better? The Master gave the same answer that the purpose of the soap was to clean, the choice of fragrance didn’t matter.

Another disciple asked why the soap was round, and if  there was any significance to that? The Master wanted to give the same answer that the shape didn’t matter, but because the disciples were interested in hearing more, He made up in great length the significance of the round shape which in fact made sense. The disciples were impressed and pleased, they all clapped.

One disciple noticed a small cut on the soap. He wanted to know why?  The Master wanted to laugh but was very patient. He  explained that the small cut on the soap was a reminder of the truth that the life consisted of both perfections and imperfections.

Many more questions were raised and many more answers were given.

The disciples wrote many books on soap. The soap became very popular. Many soap factories were established.

The  disciples kept the soap wrapped in the wrapping paper. For them it was an auspicious blessing from their Master. They wanted to preserve it.

They worshiped the soap.
They discussed the soap
They analyzed the soap
They argued over the soap
But no one used it
The Master just smiled and wondered!

Announcing A New Course

Some of my yoga students have been asking me for a longer course. So, with the blessings of Gurudev, I am pleased to offer one at the AOL Ashram, Montreal. 

The Himalayan Awakening
Feb 24 – March 15, 2018 

Combined with

10-Day Intensive Silence Retreat
March 6 -15, 2018

You can choose to come either for the 20-day Himalayan Awakening course or just for the Intensive Silence Retreat.
Registration is limited to 30 participants . Preference will be given to those registering for the full 20 day program.
Pre-requisite: 3 Art of Silence courses, regular yoga practice, and sincere interest in spirituality.
Course Fee: (Canadian Dollars)
The Himalayan Awakening: $2045.00  (Early bird $1845.00)  
Intensive Silence Retreat : $1045.00   (Early bird $ 945.00)
The course fee includes housing in Bodhi residence, 2 people/room with bath
A registration link will be provided soon at the Ashram’s website.

The Himalayan Awakening

A 20 day program in the midst of  Winter at the Montreal Ashram, when the prana in Nature is super-pure and abundant. Learning and doing spiritual practices in such prana-rich environment can freeze your mind in stillness and alertness.  The winter at the Montreal ashram is beautiful but can also be rough. One’s willingness to endure some roughness is like doing tapas (austerities), and reflects one’s sincerity to know oneSelf.  These are some of the reasons why many seekers choose to go to Himalaya for some time. I bring the Himalayan experience to you at the Montreal ashram.

The Himalayan Awakening  course is an opportunity for you to immerse yourself deeply in all aspects of yoga practices. You will experience the power, beauty, and depth of practices when done properly and with honour for longer periods. 
During this course, we will flow with the rhythm of the moment. We won’t end a meditation just because it is the scheduled meal time, or you may be awakened at 2:00 AM for a yoga session, and still expected to be present for the scheduled morning sadhana. 

 During the first 10 days of the course, the focus will be on making the body and mind healthier and stronger with the intense practices of Hatha Yoga such as asanas, pranayamas, bandhas, yogic kriyas etc. and, of course, meditations and sharing of knowledge will also be important parts of the daily routine.

During the next 10 days the focus will shift to meditations, silence, and knowledge; along with continuation of some hatha yoga practices. 

 If you are interested in this course, I would like to know a little about you before you register for the course, especially if  we have not met yet. Please send me an email at krishanji@artofliving.org  <3 <3

Beautiful Argentina

Argentina 2017 3

Atgentina 2017 1

Recently I spent a week in Argentina with incredibly beautiful and sincere yogis from different countries. Our days and nights were immersed in yoga. Their devotion for yoga and Guru was so supreme that that’s all they wanted to talk about. They didn’t care about eating or sleeping. Yoga was their priority. They truly touched my heart. The course was coordinated by Lucas Schnoller, a dedicated yogi whom I have watched grow and blossom over the years. He is in white, sitting behind me in the 1st picture. His whole team of organizers was amazing. They spoiled me with their loving care. <3 <3

The Eternal Song


 That there is only one God is not true. I am the flower. I am the colour. I am the fragrance. I am the stem. I am the leaf. I am the thorn. I am the ladybug. I am you. I am it. I am not one. I am as many as all. <3


 Krishanji, I don’t understand anatomy much. Is it important to know it well for becoming a good yoga teacher?

Krishanji,  After being on the path for more than two decades I still get many doubts which affect me a lot. Please advise.

 Krishan’ji’, What’s it with ‘ji’ ? Why do some people have it?  Can I have one too 🙂

 I will talk about all these questions in my next post. But know that whether you know anatomy well or not, or how many doubts you have, and whether or not you have a ‘ji’, you are equally and always loved 🙂 <3



The Eternal Song

I know one love
it never ever dies
Lots of laughter
some sweet cries

I open my eyes
I see it
I close my eyes
I be it
Loud and clear

forever I hear
‘I love you’

 Flows in my being
aged mystic wine
Mellow and silly I feel
whole world is mine
Whether here or there
forever I hear
‘I love you’ 

It comforts me
when I am sad
Loves me even more
when I am bad
Whether right or wrong
I hear
the eternal 
‘I love you’

 This love
ceaseless & true
I share it
with you
Whether far or near
I sing with
a longing cheer

Yes! I love you.

 <3 Happy Valentine’s Day <3


 Japanese macaques celebrate their Valentine’s Day by meditating together in a hot spring. The eldest one is practicing a mudra also 🙂 <3 <3

Dance Like Never Before


 Hanuman was a very brave, powerful, and devout devotee of Lord Rama. He belonged to a tribe in which people had many monkeys-like traits such as : curious, funny, fast, sharp, smart, and ability to jump and climb high etc.  That’s why, symbolically, He is shown with a tail and monkey face. He was endowed with many spiritual powers, and He played a very prominent role in winning the war between Rama and Ravana (between good and bad).  Though because of His service and devotion to Lord Rama, He rose to the stature of Lord Hanuman, but He still wanted nothing but Rama. His every breath was Rama. His every heartbeat was Rama. Thinking of Lord Hanuman awakens the devotion in you, gives you the strength to function in the world, and  inspires you to serve. Rama and Hanuman can never be separated but they appear as two. The world exists only in duality. Devotion can be experienced only in duality. The path of yoga exists only because of duality <3


Dance Like Never Before




achieved goals

  Are temporary

like a dream

however real

they may seem

Treat them changing-clothes

like garments

easy to discard

Nothing so precious

that you always

have to guard

Don’t let them be

 your skin

your identitybudha-quote

or your kin

Don’t rely on them

like a walking-cane

When taken away

 you will feel crippled

and in pain

Your identityadi-shankra-quote

is only one.

Self, the Atma

When you merge

You become beyond all

Blissful Parmatma

When you see

the world  


like a divine rose

but also transit

like changing clothes

 To your-Selframa-and-hanuman

you remain close

To merge

just peel off

the layers

Even no need for

any prayers

Close your eyes

spiritual-dance-2Wish nothing more 

Your heart will dance

Like never before.

<3 <3