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Some Sharing

Each spiritual journey is very unique, but most journeys also have many similarities. One of the reasons I write on this blog is to hopefully help my yoga students understand some of the similarities they may also experience. The responses I receive from my students inspire me to continue writing.
Below are  some of the responses to my last post:

I don’t know how to thank you for your heart-touching post Krishanji……it has helped me in understanding myself  better.

Thank you for so beautiful post. Every time I read your blog tears roll out.
Feeling so Blessed !!!  
Thank you for your beautiful post.You made tears come in my eyes. 
Your latest post is delicately beautiful. 

Thank you for being such a great source of light, love, inspiration, knowledge and grace in my life. Your blog and experiences move me so much. The last blog you wrote was so beautiful. I relate SO much to all that you write. I also have bouts of crying with love and gratitude randomly without any prompt. Its all so spontaneous and I love it. I keep it secret though Krishanji as not everyone would understand this feeling. Your experiences make me feel so happy, because it gives me validation that I am not ‘crazy’ or ‘loosing it’. That all that I experience is ok and to keep moving. Thank you for all that you are and all that you do. So much love and gratitude.  

I read your post. I must say that I am relating every single word to my experiences. 
This is the most life changing post ever come across from you.    
This is sooooo beautiful Krishanji…. and just like me each devotee who reads this cannot resist the tears.  

I Receive Inspiration From Many 

Steve and me

Above is Steve (Stephen Noel) with me. He has been an active member of the AOL group in Halifax for the past 16 years. In spite of  his limited mobility, Steve is always there to help. He is a sincere seeker and attends almost every AOL course that takes place in Halifax. He has repeated many courses many times. In his own words,” Although I have extensive left sided paralysis I really feel no limitation…” , which is so true.

He shares his AOL experience, ” I’m blown away, I’ve been showered in abundance – total abundance. I’ve been very consistent with my sadhana with very rare exceptions. It has been a lot of joy. There has been sadness also but that doesn’t stay long. There has been deep peace and pure and gentle happiness that has stayed with me most of the time. Every year I have felt better than the year before and it continues unfolding this way. Each year I have a bit more energy, I sleep better, and I feel generally happier and more peaceful. If I were to sum it up I’d have to say “I just feel; In Love” and it’s so beautiful. If I felt any better I would burst.”
Steve has a great sense of humour and a very genuine smile which comes from his heart. He always sees positivity in each moment and in each person. I have never heard him complain, or speak anything bad about anyone. He truly practices ahimsa (non-violence) in his actions, speech, and thoughts. He feels very connected and grateful to Guru Ji.
Steve, you truly inspire me and, I am sure, many others too. Thank you. 

Are Goddess Parvati and Goddess Durga the same?

Yes, they are two different names and forms of the same Goddess. Parvati which literally means ‘ born from a mountain’, is very strong-willed. With a desire to marry Lord Shiva, She did many years of severe penance, and finally married Him. They believed to have seven children, two famously known are Lord Ganesha and Lord Kartikeya. Like a river carries the water from the source, the Goddess Parvati carries the knowledge from the source, the Shiva.
The Goddess Durga is the warrior form of Parvati. According to a legend, there was a very powerful demon named Mahishasura who could not be defeated by anyone. Knowing the strength and determination of Goddess Parvati,  the Lords Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva approached her to fight Mahishasura. She agreed, and even though she didn’t need any additional help, but still the three Lords gave Her all their individual energies and weapons. She fought and killed Mahishasura. Goddess Durga is shown as multi-armed and riding on a lion, which signify her immense power.
 Remembering and honouring any form of Divine Mother brings courage, peace, success, wealth, protection, and much more to a devotee.


What Makes A Scripture A Scripture!

When a poet or a story-writer write, it is mostly a product of their mind and intellect. That’s why it is edited and re-written several times. There are personal motives, intentions, and opinions behind whatever they write.

A scripture comes from a very deep layer of Consciousness where the mind and intellect don’t exist. A scripture depicts the Truth as it is. The author , who is highly evolved and free from any personal motives and judgements, is only a witness to the Truth. He writes or speaks only what he sees or hears. 

To understand a Scripture in its true sense, one must also transcend the mind and be free from personal motives and judgements. The Truth contains not only the so called ‘beauty’ but it also contains the so called ‘ugliness’, and the other opposites. That’s why it is subject to judgements, and raises many questions.  
To receive and understand the knowledge, one must have a  strong desire, humbleness, and respect for the scripture and the one who is giving the knowledge.  

Divine Ashes, & How Can Infinite Be Contained In Finite?

Divine Ashes

A dry wood catches fire easily. It burns wholly and unconditionally, no matter for what purpose it is burnt.  When a wood is burnt for religious purposes, both its fire and ashes are considered holy. The fire is honoured and worshiped, and the ashes are considered auspicious which people smear on their bodies to remind themselves of their true-Self. Similarly, being a non-doer is  being like a dry wood. A non-doer acts wholly and unconditionally at Divine will. Such a non-doer and his actions, like the fire, are considered holy, and whatever the outcome of the actions, it, like the ashes, would be considered auspicious.

Fire -smoke

A wet wood doesn’t catch fire easily. It gives out a lot of smoke. A seeker’s journey in the beginning may be like the burning of the wet wood. His questions, concepts, and doubts are like the smoke from the wet wood.

The proper practices of yoga help a seeker in becoming mature. A mature seeker catches the knowledge easily, and acts unconditionally at Divine will.


How Can Infinite Be Contained In Finite!

Dear K ji,  Could you please explain how Infinite God  can be present within me who is finite?

 Yes, infinity can be present in finite. There are only seven music notes, but you can compose infinite music from them. With only a few alphabets you can write infinite stories. An apple seed contains infinite number of apples in it.

However, the expression that God is within you is not completely correct. The correct expression would be that you are in God,  just as a wave is in the ocean. When you are seeing a wave, to a limited degree, you are seeing the ocean also. However, to say that the ocean is in a wave would not be correct completely.
When you try to see God within you, because you see yourself as finite, you make God also finite. But when you see yourself in God along with everyone and everything else, a feeling of infinity dawns in you. 

From the higher knowledge point of view, whether you see God in you, or yourself in God, both arise out of ignorance, because neither is true. A yogi sees neither. He remains one. 


Precious Forever!


Precious Forever

A diamond is precious 

Whether shining
Or covered in dust
Whether worn by a saint
Or someone full of lust

Whether stand alone
Or  bound
Whether lost
Or found

It’s precious


A man and his friend were doing some work in the man’s basement. There, the friend saw a painting laying on the floor.  Though it was all covered with dust,  he recognized the painting, and said to the man ,” Do you have any idea how precious it is? It is an original piece of work, made by a very famous artist. You could sell it for a large sum of money, in fact, I will buy it from you.”  The man had actually forgotten about that painting. He had bought it many years ago. It used to hang in his living room, but after some time he didn’t like it and had stored it in the basement. Now that he knew it was a precious painting, suddenly it looked very beautiful again. He brought the paining back to his living room, cleaned it nicely, and hung it on the wall at its original place. To him, now the whole living room looked very beautiful and  precious. He felt proud of owning that painting, and took good care of it by dusting it daily, sometimes even twice a day, only because he had now realized how precious it was. 

 You also are very precious, an original piece of work, made by a very famous artist. You are a precious diamond, which always remains precious. It doesn’t matter who you are, however you are, wherever you are, you are precious. Whether you are on the path or not, you are precious. Whether found or lost, you are precious. Whether free or bound, you are precious.  Any negativity you may see in yourself is nothing more than the dust that got accumulated on the paining. You can  easily remove the dust once you recognize how precious you are. 

This week, two very famous and very well liked celebrities, Kate Spade ( a fashion designer) , and Anthony Bourdain (a chef , tv host, and film producer), sadly committed suicide.  They both were rich, famous, successful, gifted, and seemed to have it all what an average person can only dream of, but they still decided to take their own lives. Perhaps they forgot how precious they were!

I want to remind all my yoga friends and others that regardless of who you are and what your life situations are, don’t forget that you are very precious. Once you recognize how precious you are, everything in life, like the man’s living room, becomes more beautiful and precious. It doesn’t matter whether you meditate daily or not, but make this reminder a daily practice. 






The Magic of Consciousness! & 108 Sun Salutations?

Flowers with best wishes, from our home to you.

The Magic Of Consciousness

Realizing that change is in the nature of all beings, living or inert, the Awakened one remains unmoved and undisturbed, and easily finds peace within himself. Ashtavakra Gita 11-1

Consciousness is the source of whatever there is. Different levels of Consciousness exhibit different levels of existence, from illusion to reality, and from temporary to permanent.

Whatever you can see or touch, it arises and remains only on the surface of the Consciousness. It is temporary and ever-changing. That’s why it’s also called an illusion because it appears, disappears, and re-appears

 What you saw a moment ago, it is no longer there now. It has changed but it appears to be the same. The ignorance freezes your vision, so you continuing seeing the same. In fact, you want the sameness to last, so it lasts. It is the sameness that gives you a feeling of permanence, and of your own. It is the sameness that causes attachments and binds you. You have a desire to live longer so that you could keep seeing the same; your same body, and same dear ones etc. The sameness, however, can also cause you to destroy. You become tired of the same. The sameness can also put people into depression. For them there is nothing new. Your frozen vision brings you both, happiness and sadness, pleasure and pain,  good and bad, and creativity and destruction etc. 

But the vision of an Awakened one is not frozen. He continuously and constantly sees the changing and temporary nature of all that which appears and disappears, and remains unaffected by the opposites. He sees both appearance and disappearance as non-existent. He remains in awe at the ever-changing wonder and magic of the Consciousness. 


I speak
As though I know
But because I speak 
 Means I don’t know

I neither know
Nor don’t know
Nor have the desire
To know or not know

The one who knows
Is one of a kind
He is deaf, dumb
And blind


108 Sun Salutations 

People often ask the following questions about practicing Sun Salutations:

  1. How many Sun Salutations (SS) one must do?
  2. What is the significance of doing 108 SS daily?
  3. I practice 108 SS daily, but why do i still feel tightness in the hips?
  4. Can the SS be done after the sunset?

Practicing 108  SS daily is a modern yoga craze, a result of the yoga becoming increasingly physical and competitive. It has no particular spiritual significance. However, practicing 108 SS daily can be a good cardio workout. but be careful. If you already have some imbalances in the body,  which most people do,  the imbalances can become worst  over time, as it is easy to lose awareness of the correctness of the postures when your focus is on the quantity or the speed.

Any prolonged repetitive and speedy movement causes the muscles to become tighter. If you don’t do sufficient stretching afterwards, the tight muscles can cause several pain and movement related issues. So make sure that after practicing 108 SS you have the time and energy left to stretch the body properly afterwards.

There is no fixed number as to how many Sun Salutations you must do, but there are 12 mantras that are given for the practice of SS, and this number could be used as a guide.  However, if doing 108 SS is your thing, by all means do it.

The Sun Salutations can certainly be practiced after Sunset as the Sun never really sets.
We practice SS to honour the life, and the Nature that supports the life. So, it can be practiced any time whenever you can. However, in the morning the higher sattva energy is conducive for the spiritual practices.

Do your SS practice with more attention and honour regardless of when you do it or for how long you do it. When you practice SS with honour, you make Patanjali and Sun very happy. 

Happy Sun

A Seeker Must Learn Rock-Climbing!

Some of the dedicated volunteer yogis who organized the Yoga and Wellness Retreat in Dubai.

Boone TTP

SSY TTP group in Boone is learning to do the standing Agnisara Pranayama. A very lovely and sincere group. It is my good fortune that I get only sincere people in all my courses.

Rock climbing

A Seeker Must Learn Rock-Climbing

Peter, one of the Sri Sri Yoga TTP participants in Boone must be a rock-climber. He asked if rock-climbing could be made spiritual? 

 Any activity in life can be made spiritual by:
Taking interest in it
Paying full attention to it
Being grateful for the skills that you have, and
Remembering and honouring the Divine presence which, in fact, is doing it all.

Do the rock-climbing if it interests you, but you must also learn to do the inner rock- climbing.  Your desires, and physical and mental identifications are like big mountains which you must climb and transcend. You have been told that it is very difficult to transcend the mind, , but it is not. It just requires continuous abhyasa. 

Guru shows you the path, but you must walk the path.  Walking is the essential self-effort, only to realize that you were always being carried.

“Ones desires, anger, ego, greed, and attachments are the mountains that one must cross over.” Saint Kabir


A Breathing Exercise, & ‘Hide Your Love’

A Few More Beautiful Moments From the Yoga Retreat in Dubai.
We had so much fun!

Dubai 5

Dubai beach 1

We honoured the Sun at dawn
The Moon in the night
We celebrated  each moment
Whether dark or bright



A Useful Breathing Exercise:

To get the maximum benefit from the following exercise do it with full awareness and interest. Make effort but don’t struggle. In this exercise more emphasis is on the exhalation. You exhale in steps. Each step consists of exhaling a little bit and holding  the breath without inhaling. With practice you increase the number of steps and holding period. 
1. Sit comfortably with your spine erect
2. Take a full and deep breath in. Hold the breath in for a count of four.
3. Again breathe in a little more. Hold the breath in for a count of four.
4. Again breathe in a little more. Hold the breath in for a count of four.
4. Exhale slightly for a count of two. Hold the breath without inhaling for a count of four. This completes one step.
5. Again exhale partially for a count of two. Hold the breath for a count of four. (second step)
6. Keep exhaling like this for as long as you can exhale, and until you feel some tightness in the chest. 
7. Take one or two  relaxing breaths ( inhale and exhale)
8. Repeat above 6 -8 times. Gradually increase it to ten or more times, and also increase the number of steps with each exhalation.


1. Strengthens the breathing muscles
2. Improves lung capacity
3. Helpful in controlling asthma
4. Improves focus
5. Helpful in calming the mind
6. Improves quality of your meditation
7. Improves overall quality of  your breath. 


‘Hide Your Love’

Hide your love
Hide it in the mind
But not a safe place
Actually the worst kind

A candle In the wind
Goes out fast
You keep trying
But it doesn’t last

Hide your love
Hide it in the heart
 Close and comforting
But pains when you part

A candle with a steady flame 
Too has an ending
So sad but
Surely comes the last sending

Hide your love
Hide it in the Soul

Hurray! You have scored
The winning goal

There is no candle there
Only a  glow
The prettiest river with
A continuous flow

No wind can
Put this fire out
It remains luminous
Even in floods or drought

Shining through the Soul
It reaches all
Good and bad
Big and small

It never causes pain
Because you never part
It never ends
Because it has no start

Krishna Jesus Buddha
Hide their love in the Soul
It is the ‘love forever’
So Holy! So Whole!

Spiritual dance

The Root Cause of Birth & Death Cycle

 Yoga and Wellness Retreat in Dubai


Just finished a Yoga and Wellness retreat in Dubai with 115 yogis from six continents. 
For many participants, it was their first exposure to such a program, but everyone was so keen and sincere that within no time the whole group bonded in harmony by the wisdom and practices of yoga. Plants, whether new or old, they all look beautiful when they blossom. Everyone in this group looked so beautiful.
The course also was organized so beautifully by many volunteer yogis, led by Harsha & Dev Varyani, all so simple, sincre, and humble.
Also did a Full Moon meditation with 150 people at the magnificent Yoga Ashram in Dubai.
Thank you all. I truly enjoyed meeting and being with you.


Complete Gratefulness

If you are grateful 
Only for what you have
Then your gratefulness
Is incomplete

If you are also grateful for
What you don’t have
Then you are
Truly grateful

You may not know 
But there is a good reason 
For not having 
What you don’t have

 A yogi
Always & Forever!

The Root Cause of Birth and Death Cycle
(It is not the Karma)

You exist  
Because there is a desire
Just as the heat exists
As long as there is a fire

 It is the desire
That carries the prana
And so continues
  Your ‘aana aur jaana’  (birth and death)

Give rest to desires
The cycle will stop
All your karma, good and bad
Will instantaneously drop

First, limit your desires
Then, become desire-free
The secret lies in abhyasa
Says Sage Ved Vyasa!

Say His name again
Say it slowly
Say it with honour
He is so Holy

This wisdom is 
For the brave
Who with self-effort
His path he can pave

A reminder from the Sage
Don’t walk with a sleepy yawn 
Be willing to climb Himalaya
 To Awakening if you are drawn


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