Believe in Yourself

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Believe in Yourself

Believe in Yourself

You say God is within you
But do you believe in yourself?
There is a voice in you
that speaks the Truth
Do you listen to it
or you rather hear from the Books?
Blessings and prayers
can bring you more
but not happiness
Being happy begins with
believing in yourself.
Believing in yourself
doesn’t mean always winning
It means playing your best
till the end of the inning.
So beautiful is the Sunrise
Even more beauteous is the Sunset
The Sun is always bright
even when it’s night.
When you believe in yourself
whether winning or losing
you see them like waves in the ocean
and just keep cruising.
When you pray
‘lead me from darkness to light’
you forget you are the light 
just as He
My dear, believe in yourself
whether in darkness or light

 you will always see.



Value What You Have

Value What You Have

Value what you have
you may not have it tomorrow
Valuing is the secret
to be free from sorrow
Value the help you receive
without expecting more
When tides are rough
gratitude takes you to shore
The less you value
the more you demand
It spoils the love
angry and weak you stand
Value without possessing
whether it, he, or she
What a miracle, my Lord!
it all belongs to Thee











Revised Dates – Vrindavan Yoga Retreat

Revised Dates for the next Vrindavan Yoga Retreat

 Because of popular requests, the dates are changed back to:
November 1-9, 2020


  This would be the only retreat held in Vrindavan in 2020.

Fee Schedule (in Canadian dollars):

One full payment:  $900.00, due at the time of registration.
Two installment payments:  $475.00 each.
The first installment is due at the time of registration.
The second payment is due before March 1, 2020.

The fee includes:

Accommodation: 2 people/room in a luxury hotel.
Three wholesome and delicious meals daily.

Additional costs you would be responsible for:

Transportation to and from the venue-hotel.
Transportation for temple visits or any other sightseeing. More information on this to follow.

Cancellations and Refunds

Please check your schedule and all other formalities before registering as the cancellation fees could vary from 50-100%.

Highlights of the Yoga Retreat

The primary purpose of this yoga retreat is to kindle the love for God in your heart as it is this love that completes you. It is only in this love where your search ends. It is in this love only that your heart dances and you serve with joy again.
The other highlights of the Yoga Retreat are:
1. Daily practice of asanas, pranayama, and guided meditations
2. Learning to make the breath stronger and steadier.
3. Learning of ‘Sanjeevani Sukshama Vyayama’, a series of unique contractions and expansions that rejuvenate the entire body by making each and every cell in the body alive again. The SSV makes the body stronger and helps in getting rid of chronic pains. It relaxes the mind and enhances inner silence and peace. 
4. Learning of cleansing kriyas
5. Sharing of yogic wisdom, and devotional stories.
6. Sharing of simple tools for the mind care
7. Visiting temples and other historic sites
8. Chanting, singing, and dancing to celebrate the Divine
9. Lots of fun and laughter
10. Complete TLC for the body, mind, and Soul

Some sharing from the previous Yoga Retreat:

“I thank the Divine to send you on this planet to invoke Bhakti in us. This retreat has been very very special for me. The Bhakt (devotee) in me had taken a back seat……  Thank you for being the instrument in rekindling the Bhakt in me. I wouldn’t miss any of your courses. Please count me in for the 2020 retreat as well.”
“You and Bharti ji have simply soaked me in pure love. Don’t know how to express, just tears flow down…You made me complete, made us feel the totality and get dissolved in it…..In spite of practicing spiritual practice all these years, there was a certain lack, you filled that with so much love and devotion, gave me a new life.” 


  1. Some regular practice of yoga
  2. Above average level of fitness
  3. An open mind that is willing to accept and explore
  4. An open heart that is willing to sing and dance

Come and Dance with the Divine!

For registration write to Zok Lim

Glimpses from the Vrindavan Yoga Retreat, Plus The Next Yoga Retreat

Bharti and I are in Vrindavan, India with  125 participants from 16 countries, conducting the Yoga Retreat in a lovely hotel famous for its delicious food and superb hospitality. We all are very happy to be here, and the hotel staff is equally happy to have us here.

Our Yoga Hall

The Theme of  the Yoga Retreat: ‘Loving Krishna is Supreme Yoga’
Whomsoever you believe in, loving and serving that aspect of Divinity is Supreme Yoga

Participants learning to blow a shankh (conch shell), later they will learn shankh-pranayama, so good for the lungs!

Visiting Mathura, the birthplace of Krishna

Meal Time

Getting ready for a press conference for the ‘Clean Vrindavan’ project.  The initial response from the Schools, Universities, and Municipality has been very encouraging

Boat ride in Yamuna River at Sunset

Honoring the Yamuna River at Sunset

This is what the participants are sharing:
“It feels like getting a new life.”
“This experience is going to change my life”
“I have found my song. I no longer need an answer”
“Now I understand what ‘loving God’ means.”
Come and join us for the next year’s life-changing yoga retreat.

instead of the previously announced dates in Rishikesh, the revised place and dates are:
Vrindavan, November 1 – 9, 2020. Space limited to 130 people.
First preference will be given to the participants of the current yoga retreat if they register before November 28. Interested? Please send me an email:


Happy Guru Nanak Dev Jayanti!

What A Blessing!



Birth of a Great Soul like Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the Founder of Sikhism, is a blessing for the whole world.
Just as there are different levels of musicians and rich people, similarly, there are different levels of Awakened Beings. Guru Nanak Dev’s awakening was among the greatest and richest. From my early childhood, I had developed a liking for Him, and felt very close to Him. He has been my inner Master and protector all my life.
Since His birth in 1469, He has guided, protected, and inspired millions. He is the embodiment of service, shradha, and simplicity. 
He lives in every heart.

Happy Guru Nanak Dev Jayanati!





Seeing Perfection, and a Weekend of Yoga in Milan

A Weekend of Yoga in Milan, Italy

Recently, as a guest teacher, I spent a weekend with the Sri Sri Yoga TTP participants in Milan. There I also conducted two masterclasses.

I feel happy and proud to witness the growth of so many of my yoga students who have become grounded on the path of yoga and are spreading the wisdom of yoga around the globe.  Beatrice, on my left in the picture above, is one such student. She is a very caring, skilled, and knowledgeable TTP teacher. She and her team Raffaella, Jessica, and Patrizia have been conducting the TTP in a very authentic, loving, and harmonious way.  I was amazed to see how much the participants had already learned in such a short period of time. They all were very sincere and dedicated. On my right is Lorenza, who translated for me so pleasantly and attentively. I was happy to spend a weekend with this beautiful group of yogis.
Many People shared their beautiful experiences. Below is one which also leads to the next topic of this post.
‘The journey of experiences and emotions that Krishanji made us experience in our body, our breath, our mind and our soul was really fantastic. It was magical … It was like to feel the contact, and resonate with the same soul of Krishanji, a pure, simple, kind soul … Emotions and tears emerged spontaneously. The Knowledge was so deep but transmitted with the purity and simplicity of a child. Really thanks for everything to everyone. I feel very very grateful and the perception of perfection of every moment of my life grows more and more every day….”      –  Chiara 

 Seeing Perfection

Once Sage Anidra spoke on perfection, “Creation is perfect in every sense because the Creator is perfect. Every moment, as it is, is perfect. The entire past was perfect, the present is perfect,  and the future will always be perfect. You see imperfection only because your vision is limited and partial. A tiny piece of a big picture will always seem imperfect and incomplete. Because you can see partial only, you keep seeing incomplete and imperfect.
The infinite whole can never be made better or greater because it is already perfect, complete, and full.  What appears to be partial can always be made better and bigger. A musician can certainly sing better. An athlete can indeed play better. Science can always progress more. A rich man can surely become richer.
 Partial, which is only an appearance,  can never be perfect and complete, but hidden beyond the appearance of partial lies the perfect and complete whole, which can be experienced through the eyes of santosha (contentment) and vairagya (dispassion). Living with santosha and vairagya lets you see beyond partial.
A yogi sees perfection in every moment but still makes an effort to improve which may seem to be imperfect. He, however, neither judges a partial nor is disturbed by the appearance of imperfection. He simultaneously experiences both partial and whole, and rejoices within himself.”  Saying that the Sage became silent.
King Abhaya, always thirsty for more wanted to hear more, but remembering that partial will never be satisfied, he remained silent. 
Then, looking at His cow, Sage Anidra said to her,”  Ma( mother) Bhagvati,  could you sing a song for us.” Everyone present there, except the king, had heard Ma Bhagvati sing before. a rare experience beyond words, which could happen only at Sage Anidra’s will. In astonishment,  king Abhaya watched  Ma Bhagvati lower her head and close her eyes.  He looked at Sage Anidra who also had closed His eyes. He noticed that everyone else present there also had closed their eyes. Abhaya wanted to keep his eyes open and watch Ma Bhagvati sing, but he couldn’t. Something compelled him to close his eyes.  The moment he closed his eyes, he experienced that he had been rapidly separated from his body and carried to another realm of his inner-being which was absolutely still, silent, and empty.  Then he heard Ma Bhagvati sing a hymn to Goddess Saraswati in the most melodious and sweetest voice he had ever heard,  Listening to her he fell into meditation. For the first time, he experienced what meditation truly was. It was purely a Divine experience beyond forms and beyond words.
When Ma Bhagvati stopped singing, Abhaya felt a sudden jerk in his body which brought him back to his body awareness. Slowly he opened his eyes and  first looked at Sage Anidra and then at Ma Bhagvati. Their eyes were still closed. He looked around and whatever he saw, he felt oneness with it. He saw that people sitting near him were only an extension of him. They all seemed perfect. He felt oneness with the grass, trees, flowers, and stones. They all seemed perfect and complete. They couldn’t be any better.  Abhaya was seeing beyond partial. He was seeing perfection.
He looked at Ma Bhagvati again. He heard a voice in his head,”Hello son Anidra.” He was no longer in astonishment or disbelief, but wondered if Ma Bhagvati was really talking to him. He heard her voice again,” Yes I am speaking to you.”
Abhaya looked at Sage Anidra. The Sage smiled and nodded yes. 



Garlic & Onions, and Which Class Are You Traveling In?

“What you share on this blog is so beautiful, unique, and practical. Thank you.”

“Your blog posts have helped me a lot, thank you. I would like to know more about Anidra and how we can free our mind of judgments, concepts about ourselves. How we can  wake up from the dream?”

Waking up from the dream is very easy. Just wake up, like you do every morning. You have heard and believed so far that it is very difficult, so it has become very difficult for you. You keep looking for so many different ways which make waking up even harder. I will write more about it, but today I want to talk about :

Garlic and Onions

Dear Krishanji, Could you please talk about the effect of eating or not eating garlic and onions on the spiritual path? How does it affect Prana?

For many years, I didn’t eat garlic or onions but now I eat them, primarily, for their health benefits.
By not eating or eating them, my spirituality didn’t get any better or worst. But I do notice a real difference in my health when I eat them without overcooking them, especially during winter months.
When on the spiritual path, a certain degree of flexibility is essential. It is stated in the ‘Hatha Yoga Pradipika’ that too much rigidity can be a big obstacle on the path. You yourself have to determine how flexible you want to be.
For instance, I am flexible about eating onions and garlic but I am not about flexible eating meat as I consider it as an act of violence.
On the spiritual path, there are bigger things to be concerned about than eating onions and garlic. There is a danger that when you start giving overly importance to small things you might lose sight of the bigger things. Not eating onions or garlic may seem like a big achievement to you.
There is a story about a man who wanted to build a beautiful house for himself. He was about to start building, but then got stuck on the selection of paint color for his meditation room. He wanted a color that would create more positive energy in the room. After many years, he is still doing his research and lives in a small apartment. But he knows a lot about paint colors.
This is how you can get stuck on small things on the spiritual path.
There is nothing that affects your prana more than the state of your mind. When the mind is clear and relaxed, the prana is at its highest. Such a mind transcends the three Gunas and the three Doshas. They all seem very small, just as, everything on the earth seems very small when seen from an airplane that is flying high.
I never tell my students to eat or not to eat onions or garlic. Instead, again and again, I direct them to focus on their minds. I direct myself also, again and again, to do the same.

Which Class Are You Traveling In?

A rich person can afford to travel in the first class of an airplane. There, he receives luxurious service and has plenty of space to move around or rest. His journey becomes a very comfortable journey.
A person in the economy class, on the other hand, sits in a very cramped space. It becomes a very tiring journey for him.

Similarly, on the spiritual path, are you feeling cramped in the economy class?
Then look into your mind. A clear and relaxed mind is a wealth that lets you travel in the first class. It can make your journey very comfortable.