Happy Guru Nanak Dev Jayanti!

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Happy Guru Nanak Dev Jayanti!

What A Blessing!



Birth of a Great Soul like Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the Founder of Sikhism, is a blessing for the whole world.
Just as there are different levels of musicians and rich people, similarly, there are different levels of Awakened Beings. Guru Nanak Dev’s awakening was among the greatest and richest. From my early childhood, I had developed a liking for Him, and felt very close to Him. He has been my inner Master and protector all my life.
Since His birth in 1469, He has guided, protected, and inspired millions. He is the embodiment of service, shradha, and simplicity. 
He lives in every heart.

Happy Guru Nanak Dev Jayanati!





Seeing Perfection, and a Weekend of Yoga in Milan

A Weekend of Yoga in Milan, Italy

Recently, as a guest teacher, I spent a weekend with the Sri Sri Yoga TTP participants in Milan. There I also conducted two masterclasses.

I feel happy and proud to witness the growth of so many of my yoga students who have become grounded on the path of yoga and are spreading the wisdom of yoga around the globe.  Beatrice, on my left in the picture above, is one such student. She is a very caring, skilled, and knowledgeable TTP teacher. She and her team Raffaella, Jessica, and Patrizia have been conducting the TTP in a very authentic, loving, and harmonious way.  I was amazed to see how much the participants had already learned in such a short period of time. They all were very sincere and dedicated. On my right is Lorenza, who translated for me so pleasantly and attentively. I was happy to spend a weekend with this beautiful group of yogis.
Many People shared their beautiful experiences. Below is one which also leads to the next topic of this post.
‘The journey of experiences and emotions that Krishanji made us experience in our body, our breath, our mind and our soul was really fantastic. It was magical … It was like to feel the contact, and resonate with the same soul of Krishanji, a pure, simple, kind soul … Emotions and tears emerged spontaneously. The Knowledge was so deep but transmitted with the purity and simplicity of a child. Really thanks for everything to everyone. I feel very very grateful and the perception of perfection of every moment of my life grows more and more every day….”      –  Chiara 

 Seeing Perfection

Once Sage Anidra spoke on perfection, “Creation is perfect in every sense because the Creator is perfect. Every moment, as it is, is perfect. The entire past was perfect, the present is perfect,  and the future will always be perfect. You see imperfection only because your vision is limited and partial. A tiny piece of a big picture will always seem imperfect and incomplete. Because you can see partial only, you keep seeing incomplete and imperfect.
The infinite whole can never be made better or greater because it is already perfect, complete, and full.  What appears to be partial can always be made better and bigger. A musician can certainly sing better. An athlete can indeed play better. Science can always progress more. A rich man can surely become richer.
 Partial, which is only an appearance,  can never be perfect and complete, but hidden beyond the appearance of partial lies the perfect and complete whole, which can be experienced through the eyes of santosha (contentment) and vairagya (dispassion). Living with santosha and vairagya lets you see beyond partial.
A yogi sees perfection in every moment but still makes an effort to improve which may seem to be imperfect. He, however, neither judges a partial nor is disturbed by the appearance of imperfection. He simultaneously experiences both partial and whole, and rejoices within himself.”  Saying that the Sage became silent.
King Abhaya, always thirsty for more wanted to hear more, but remembering that partial will never be satisfied, he remained silent. 
Then, looking at His cow, Sage Anidra said to her,”  Ma( mother) Bhagvati,  could you sing a song for us.” Everyone present there, except the king, had heard Ma Bhagvati sing before. a rare experience beyond words, which could happen only at Sage Anidra’s will. In astonishment,  king Abhaya watched  Ma Bhagvati lower her head and close her eyes.  He looked at Sage Anidra who also had closed His eyes. He noticed that everyone else present there also had closed their eyes. Abhaya wanted to keep his eyes open and watch Ma Bhagvati sing, but he couldn’t. Something compelled him to close his eyes.  The moment he closed his eyes, he experienced that he had been rapidly separated from his body and carried to another realm of his inner-being which was absolutely still, silent, and empty.  Then he heard Ma Bhagvati sing a hymn to Goddess Saraswati in the most melodious and sweetest voice he had ever heard,  Listening to her he fell into meditation. For the first time, he experienced what meditation truly was. It was purely a Divine experience beyond forms and beyond words.
When Ma Bhagvati stopped singing, Abhaya felt a sudden jerk in his body which brought him back to his body awareness. Slowly he opened his eyes and  first looked at Sage Anidra and then at Ma Bhagvati. Their eyes were still closed. He looked around and whatever he saw, he felt oneness with it. He saw that people sitting near him were only an extension of him. They all seemed perfect. He felt oneness with the grass, trees, flowers, and stones. They all seemed perfect and complete. They couldn’t be any better.  Abhaya was seeing beyond partial. He was seeing perfection.
He looked at Ma Bhagvati again. He heard a voice in his head,”Hello son Anidra.” He was no longer in astonishment or disbelief, but wondered if Ma Bhagvati was really talking to him. He heard her voice again,” Yes I am speaking to you.”
Abhaya looked at Sage Anidra. The Sage smiled and nodded yes. 



Garlic & Onions, and Which Class Are You Traveling In?

“What you share on this blog is so beautiful, unique, and practical. Thank you.”

“Your blog posts have helped me a lot, thank you. I would like to know more about Anidra and how we can free our mind of judgments, concepts about ourselves. How we can  wake up from the dream?”

Waking up from the dream is very easy. Just wake up, like you do every morning. You have heard and believed so far that it is very difficult, so it has become very difficult for you. You keep looking for so many different ways which make waking up even harder. I will write more about it, but today I want to talk about :

Garlic and Onions

Dear Krishanji, Could you please talk about the effect of eating or not eating garlic and onions on the spiritual path? How does it affect Prana?

For many years, I didn’t eat garlic or onions but now I eat them, primarily, for their health benefits.
By not eating or eating them, my spirituality didn’t get any better or worst. But I do notice a real difference in my health when I eat them without overcooking them, especially during winter months.
When on the spiritual path, a certain degree of flexibility is essential. It is stated in the ‘Hatha Yoga Pradipika’ that too much rigidity can be a big obstacle on the path. You yourself have to determine how flexible you want to be.
For instance, I am flexible about eating onions and garlic but I am not about flexible eating meat as I consider it as an act of violence.
On the spiritual path, there are bigger things to be concerned about than eating onions and garlic. There is a danger that when you start giving overly importance to small things you might lose sight of the bigger things. Not eating onions or garlic may seem like a big achievement to you.
There is a story about a man who wanted to build a beautiful house for himself. He was about to start building, but then got stuck on the selection of paint color for his meditation room. He wanted a color that would create more positive energy in the room. After many years, he is still doing his research and lives in a small apartment. But he knows a lot about paint colors.
This is how you can get stuck on small things on the spiritual path.
There is nothing that affects your prana more than the state of your mind. When the mind is clear and relaxed, the prana is at its highest. Such a mind transcends the three Gunas and the three Doshas. They all seem very small, just as, everything on the earth seems very small when seen from an airplane that is flying high.
I never tell my students to eat or not to eat onions or garlic. Instead, again and again, I direct them to focus on their minds. I direct myself also, again and again, to do the same.

Which Class Are You Traveling In?

A rich person can afford to travel in the first class of an airplane. There, he receives luxurious service and has plenty of space to move around or rest. His journey becomes a very comfortable journey.
A person in the economy class, on the other hand, sits in a very cramped space. It becomes a very tiring journey for him.

Similarly, on the spiritual path, are you feeling cramped in the economy class?
Then look into your mind. A clear and relaxed mind is a wealth that lets you travel in the first class. It can make your journey very comfortable.

Devotion And Devotee Are Supreme

These are some of my yogi friends in India. We had so much fun together. Having fun makes the journey shorter and enjoyable. We need to be sincere on the path, and not serious. A serious mind is more active. It judges more and holds more concepts.

 Some sharing :

“Just after the retreat we were cleaning up the hall. KrishanJi also came to the hall. One moment KrishanJi asked me very gently how I feel after the retreat. And I could not tell anything else but the truth that I feel like after a lot of operations on a different levels of my own human existence, starting from the base of the spine all the way up to the neck and top of the head, and figuratively speaking now I was learning how to walk again. But all this happened so tenderly, so gently like in a game, but got so deep and so profound.

Yoga with KrishanJi is like an absolutely pure, beautiful nature. It is like a flower in a field reaching for the Sun and opening up in the Sunrise and closing and bowing it’s head down in the Sunset – this is how I experience yoga with wondrous  KrishanJi. Step by step it took me back to my Self in a very delicate and gentle way.  Thank you so much dear KrishanJi! ”     – Inese, Course in Latvia <3

“He made us climb the mountain, Right to the Top!
Not only did we climb it, but he established that mountain deep inside us too!
A mountain of faith,
A mountain of peace,
A mountain of joy,
A mountain of LOVE!

We reached the pinnacle of devotion,
And just stayed there, singing and dancing in ecstasy!

His presence magical & infinite,
His words carrying a universe within a universe,
His smile like the blossom of a thousand petals,
His eyes sparkling divinity!

To him, who has opened another dimension to existence,
I offer my humble pranams,
To him who has taken us from the real to the “real”
I offer my humble pranams…

Thankyou Krishanji!
You have set a heart on fire again,
It is burning in sweet devotion!

May your MAGIC touch all Beings! ”    — Bhamini , Course in India <3

Bharti is a perfect human being. She plays every role in life with sincerity, dedication, wisdom, care, and child-like innocence.  I feel blessed and privileged to be married to her. She is loved , respected, and admired immensely by her family, friends, students, patients, and above all by Guru Ji. Soon after our marriage, she and my mother became very close to each other which meant a lot to me. My mother used to call her a bundle of high qualities and virtues.

She is a devotee with unshakable faith. Having a devotee of such pure and firm devotion in the family is a very auspicious blessing, that provides protection and assurance that everything is, and would be, okay. 

Bharti and I have travelled the same spiritual path, and though we have had our share of challenges and shaky times, our journey together has been very nurturing and fulfilling. <3

Supreme Love

“That  alone is to be accomplished. Having obtained the supreme love , the devotee sees, hears, and thinks God alone, and speaks of Him alone.”  Narada Bhakti Sutras  

 Obtaining the state of a true devotion is the highest achievement on the spiritual path. In true devotion, the Divine becomes your priority.  You feel the Divine presence within and without. It becomes your breath.  You feel It when you are awake, and dream about It when asleep. It becomes Primary, and all else becomes secondary. 

But this state of devotion can also bring pain in different ways. Since the world becomes secondary for you, it may cause emotional pain to your close ones who may not like being secondary. You feel their pain. Even I, who understands the value of devotion, at times feel secondary, but seeing it only as my ego stuff, I move on.  Another  pain that you may feel is if you are not supported and understood by your loved ones. However, the greater pain arises from the longing for the Divine. Though you always feel very close and one with the Divine, but it is never close enough. A small separation remains which can not be filled.

It is this state of closeness and small separation, which gives rise to Meera, Kabira, Guru Nanak, Tulsidas, Jesus, and alike.


Jesus was a true devotee. When Jesus said ‘My God, my God, why have You forsaken me’,  it wasn’t  because of the pain from the nails being pierced through His body. Instead, it was because of a  much greater pain which arose from the intense longing for God. Meera asks the same,”Why have You forgotten me and left me alone?” <3

Honour A Devotee

Over the years, in my journey, I have met so many true devotees with supreme devotion. Some of them are fortunate that their devotion is accepted and encouraged by their loved ones.  But there are also many who are judged, questioned, ridiculed, and pressured into doing things that they are no longer interested in. But they bear it all and continue. They learn to hide their devotion, and try to please others but, like Meera, they live like empty shells. Meera says, “My prana lives there (with my beloved), here it is only an empty shell.”

A devotee must be honoured, and not ridiculed and punished. Obtaining supreme love is an accomplishment that must be celebrated. There is no difference between God and a devotee. That’s why Jesus could say ‘Me and my Father are one.”  A devotee is soaked in God’s love. That’s why Kabira could say ,”The whole world runs after God but God runs after me.”

Being with a devotee is being with God.  Honouring a devotee is honouring God. A devotee, for sure, is liberated, and also brings fulfillment to many others.

“The past generations rejoice in their fulfillment, the divine beings in heaven dance in joy and this earth itself becomes endowed with a Savior.” Narada Bhakti Sutras <3

Protect your devotion and continue……



Guru kindles the devotion in you, but you need to protect it. A lot happens on the path, especially around Guru, both in words and actions, which can create judgements, doubts, concepts and expectations in your mind. These are the clouds that  block you from experiencing your own devotion and you may feel that you have lost it, which can be a big discouragement on the path.  A true seeker recognizes and observes these rising waves in the mind, but remains above them and continues. Judgements, expectations, and demands spoil  love. It is almost impossible to avoid them, but you can learn to rise above them.

Guru’s love transcends judgements and expectations. That’s why He can always love you. His love is supreme. <3

Guru’s love was the reason….

It was a small incident at the Bangalore ashram that caused the major inward shift in me, and changed me forever, which I will share in another post. <3

Where He is not!

He is not just in the light

In darkness too.

Not just in the faith

He is in doubts too

How can you say

You don’t feel Him

Say it again, and listen

He is in your voice too. <3 <3

Glimpses from Malaysia & Taiwan + more

Dearest Krishanji, Universe of LOVE and GRATITUDE for YOU for BEING, for SHINING.. for SHARING.. for soooo much LOVE YOU have, for soooo much LOVE YOU ARE..

from all my HEART ?❤??????
Beata 🙂 ?

Dearest Krishanji,

Jaigurudev ! I have been reading your blogs and very impatiently wait for the next one. Each one takes me so deep inwards. Last night i found myself reading through all your past dozen blogs as a refresher and felt this huge wave of gratitude that swept me away in a different dimension. In particularly your blog “Shifting of the mind” brought me to tears like it was written for me. Just from that one blog, I feel so grounded and lots of external factors have ceased to perturb me. There was another poem “tears of god” that gave me a feel for God’s pain. 

The yoga TTC with you as well was a tuning point of my life. It was the most valuable 2 weeks that are shaping the rest of my life.

I am yet to learn all the skills to be a teacher like you. But knowing how simple you are , it seems like such an attainable goal.

with much love and gratitude

Glimpses from Malaysia and Taiwan

Malaysia -2016

Malaysia 2016 Penang 2

Ten years ago, I took the SSYoga TTC Level 1 course with Krishanji and it was amazing. I was 5 months pregnant and during the full moon meditation, my baby kicked for the first time. There were many special moments during that course. When I briefly chatted with Dana about our experiences then, she said it was “like coming home”, for her. I didn’t really get it then. Now, after 11 years of being blessed with the art of living, I am seeing Krishanji for the second time. My daughter will be 10 years old and I am doing yoga as Krishanji instructs in his ever patient, encouraging, inspiring and beautiful way. It’s as if nothing has changed, yet so much has happened. He is so constant despite this ever changing world. I smile as I remember what Dana said about “coming home”. I get it now.

The four days of advance course was extraordinary. This is my 6th time and truly it is the best, For the first time, I felt a really deep connection to – I’m still not sure what, Source, Love, God, Guru, my Soul, Self, Spirit, but something familiar and for the first time I was able to also feel sensations, really observe and feel, observe without analyzing, Krishanji had said. Each meditation brought me closer and closer to Source. I have had glimpses of this in other advance courses and in my practice but this time it was the strongest. Right time and right place, just like coming home…!”

Jai Gurudev,
Rose Sivam
CEO, Pantheon Media

My apologies to the volunteers in Malaysia

On the last day of the course, being in a very serene space of love and devotion, I completely forgot to acknowledge and thank the volunteers. I know the volunteers didn’t want to be recognised. They were even too shy to have a group picture taken.  But how could I forget? They had worked so hard to organize the course, and ran it in a such a smooth fashion. There was not even a single thing that could have been improved or done better. It was perfect in every sense. Though I feel bad for not acknowledging them in front of all course participants, but I also believe that if a man fails to acknowledge someone’s good work, God acknowledges it in His beautiful and mysterious ways.

I thank you and love you all. <3

Malaysia 2016 - banner

Taiwan -2016

Taiwan walking.jpg

350 people in Malaysia and 202 in Taiwan participated in the courses.  In both courses we had so much fun. Our day began at 5:00 am and ended at 10:00 pm. All participants were so full of enthusiasm, sincerity, and eagerness to learn. 

I got stopped at the Immigration

When I was leaving Taiwan and going through the immigration, the immigration officer looked at my face, and then at my picture in the passport,  4-5 times, and then without immigration controlsaying anything to me she called her supervisor. The supervisor came and she also looked at me and my picture a couple of times and told the officer that it was okay.  The officer said to me smilingly, “You look much younger and relaxed than your picture. So I had to confirm if you were the same person.”  I told her I had done lots of yoga in the past two weeks:)  “Oh! I have been thinking of taking yoga classes too. Thank you for visiting Taiwan.”, she said and gave me my passport back.  <3

Yoga is for everyone

Taiwan Happy lady

The beautiful lady  in yellow is Ningxi, a course participant in Taiwan. She faces many physical and other personal challenges.  She wasn’t able to do much during the asana sessions, but she participated in other sessions as much as she could. She would often lie down and rest on her bed which was put for her in the meditation hall. But regardless of any situation, she never lost her interest and smile during the course. At the end of the course she shared that just being there in that environment of yoga was healing for her. She hadn’t slept like that for many years, and she was now able to move her body much more, and that she felt very happy and content. 

People like her inspire me a lot to be more grateful in life. Gratefulness brings contentment and there is no better wealth than contentment. <3

Taiwan Volunteers.jpg

Above are some of the volunteers for the Taiwan course that made it all happen. They worked as a team in a very beautiful, loving, and harmonious way. Every thing was arranged so nicely, in a  flawless manner. Thank you and I love you all. <3

Sthiram Sukham Asanam 

Taiwan standing.jpg

A simple act of standing, if done properly, can take you into meditation and connect you to your inner being. According to Patanjali, an asana should be steady and enjoyable (sthiram sukham asanam). If you are always anxious while practicing asanas, trying to achieve more, you can not enjoy being there and, therefore, can not experience the true benefit of the asana practice.

Here is a tip. Go into the asana first only to  80-90% of your limit. Check the posture for accuracy, and completely relax your  body and mind. Then slowly go to your full limit without  distorting the posture, and without disturbing the relaxation of body and mind. Stay there for few seconds feeling the inner connection.

You can also practice ‘sthiram sukham asanam’ off the yoga mat in your daily life by enjoying whatever you do, and by being steady and focused on it. There are many things in life that you may not like doing but you have to do them. Learning to do them also with interest is a skill that can be developed by abhyasa. Then your whole life can become full of interest and enjoyment. 


Sleeping better & Cultivating gratefulness

Currently I am at the Montreal ashram with Guru Ji, and my next course (Therapeutic Yoga Retreat) is in Latvia August 21-27

Krishan <3


Greetings from Boone, USA

Boone Centre

boone 2

I am at the Art of Living Retreat Centre in Boone, NC, US, conducting the Art of Living Yoga TTC program. This Retreat Center is one of my favourite places to conduct courses. It is so incredible how Gurudev Sri Sri  has established many beautiful Spiritual Centres all around the world where the surroundings and energy are very conducive for spiritual practices and growth. These Centres are the new pilgrimages for spiritual seekers.

boone 6

A mountain to me is not rocks and stones. To me it is a yogi in its vastness who has been sitting and meditating there for millions of years.  I see the whole creation  as a bouquet of God’s love. I can just keep looking at it. When you truly love someone, you love everything about them. A yogi is in love with God.

On the move…..

My next two courses are in Malaysia and Taiwan. I have scheduled a few more courses which you can see under ‘My Courses Schedule’. 

Yesterday a student in the course asked me if I found the people in each country different?  I said,” Yes, there are many external differences, but when we sit down to meditate and share knowledge of yoga, we transcend external differences and find that it is the same Divine life and love that flow in us all. The knowledge of yoga binds us into oneness” <3

You are so innocent…

To my students: <3

Don’t ever take my advice

I am a blabber

Not wise

I pretend

And tell lies

But you don’t see that

 You are so innocent

Like a flower

I tell you to do Butterfly 01

What I don’t do

And tell you not to do

What I do

I am a hypocrite

But you don’t see that

 You are so innocent

Like a butterfly

I know you will still come

And listen to my liespuppy-baby

And when I finish

You will hug me

With tears in your eyes

 You are so innocent

Like a baby

radha-dancing-to-tune-of-krishnas-flute-BE57_lInnocence is the road

That leads to His abode

You, for sure, will go there

To His flute and Divine affair

Where will I go?

I want to hide

SomewhereHiding bird

 In some place

But I can’t find

A corner

An inch of space

From infinity to naught

Where He is not!

Bible 5

Yes, it is so

It is so

The only Truth that  I know

<3 <3