Glimpses from Malaysia & Taiwan + more

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Glimpses from Malaysia & Taiwan + more

Dearest Krishanji, Universe of LOVE and GRATITUDE for YOU for BEING, for SHINING.. for SHARING.. for soooo much LOVE YOU have, for soooo much LOVE YOU ARE..

from all my HEART ?‚̧??????
Beata ūüôā ?

Dearest Krishanji,

Jaigurudev ! I have been reading your blogs and very impatiently wait for the next one. Each one takes me so deep inwards. Last night i found myself reading through all your past dozen blogs as a refresher and felt this huge wave of gratitude that swept me away in a different dimension. In particularly your blog “Shifting of the mind” brought me to tears like it was written for me. Just from that one blog, I feel so grounded and lots of external factors have ceased to perturb me. There was another poem “tears of god” that gave me a feel for God’s pain.¬†

The yoga TTC with you as well was a tuning point of my life. It was the most valuable 2 weeks that are shaping the rest of my life.

I am yet to learn all the skills to be a teacher like you. But knowing how simple you are , it seems like such an attainable goal.

with much love and gratitude

Glimpses from Malaysia and Taiwan

Malaysia -2016

Malaysia 2016 Penang 2

Ten years ago, I took the SSYoga TTC Level 1 course with Krishanji and it was amazing. I was 5 months pregnant and during the full moon meditation, my baby kicked for the first time. There were many special moments during that course. When I briefly chatted with Dana about our experiences then, she said it was “like coming home”, for her. I didn’t really get it then. Now, after 11 years of being blessed with the art of living, I am seeing Krishanji for the second time. My daughter will be 10 years old and I am doing yoga as Krishanji instructs in his ever patient, encouraging, inspiring and beautiful way. It’s as if nothing has changed, yet so much has happened. He is so constant despite this ever changing world. I smile as I remember what Dana said about “coming home”. I get it now.

The four days of advance course was extraordinary. This is my 6th time and truly it is the best, For the first time, I felt a really deep connection to – I’m still not sure what, Source, Love, God, Guru, my Soul, Self, Spirit, but something familiar and for the first time I was able to also feel sensations, really observe and feel, observe without analyzing, Krishanji had said. Each meditation brought me closer and closer to Source. I have had glimpses of this in other advance courses and in my practice but this time it was the strongest. Right time and right place, just like coming home‚Ķ!”

Jai Gurudev,
Rose Sivam
CEO, Pantheon Media

My apologies to the volunteers in Malaysia

On the last day of the course, being in a very serene space of love and devotion, I completely forgot to acknowledge and thank the volunteers. I know the volunteers didn’t want to be recognised. They were even too shy to have a group picture taken. ¬†But how could I forget? They had worked so hard to organize the course, and ran it in a such a smooth fashion. There was not even a single thing that could have been improved or done better. It was perfect in every sense. Though I feel bad for not acknowledging them in front of all course participants, but I also believe that if a man fails to acknowledge someone’s good work, God acknowledges it in His beautiful and mysterious ways.

I thank you and love you all. <3

Malaysia 2016 - banner

Taiwan -2016

Taiwan walking.jpg

350 people in Malaysia and 202 in Taiwan participated in the courses.  In both courses we had so much fun. Our day began at 5:00 am and ended at 10:00 pm. All participants were so full of enthusiasm, sincerity, and eagerness to learn. 

I got stopped at the Immigration

When I was leaving Taiwan and going through the immigration, the immigration officer looked at my face, and then at my picture in the passport, ¬†4-5 times, and then without immigration controlsaying anything to me she called her supervisor. The supervisor came and she also looked at me and my picture a couple of times and told the officer that it was okay. ¬†The officer said to me smilingly, “You look much younger and relaxed than your picture. So I had to confirm if you were the same person.” ¬†I told her I had done lots of yoga in the past two weeks:) ¬†“Oh! I have been thinking of taking yoga classes too. Thank you for visiting Taiwan.”, she said and gave me my passport back. ¬†<3

Yoga is for everyone

Taiwan Happy lady

The beautiful lady ¬†in yellow is Ningxi, a course participant¬†in Taiwan. She faces many physical and other personal challenges. ¬†She wasn’t able to do much during the asana sessions, but she¬†participated in other sessions as much as she could. She would often lie down and rest on her bed which was put for her in the meditation hall. But regardless of any situation, she never lost her interest and smile during the course.¬†At the end of the course she shared that just being there in that environment of yoga was healing for her. She hadn’t slept like that for many years, and she was now able to move her body much more, and that she felt very happy and content.¬†

People like her inspire me a lot to be more grateful in life. Gratefulness brings contentment and there is no better wealth than contentment. <3

Taiwan Volunteers.jpg

Above are some of the volunteers for the Taiwan course that made it all happen. They worked as a team in a very beautiful, loving, and harmonious way. Every thing was arranged so nicely, in a  flawless manner. Thank you and I love you all. <3

Sthiram Sukham Asanam 

Taiwan standing.jpg

A simple act of standing, if done properly, can take you into meditation and connect you to your inner being. According to Patanjali, an asana should be steady and enjoyable (sthiram sukham asanam). If you are always anxious while practicing asanas, trying to achieve more, you can not enjoy being there and, therefore, can not experience the true benefit of the asana practice.

Here is a tip. Go into the asana first only to  80-90% of your limit. Check the posture for accuracy, and completely relax your  body and mind. Then slowly go to your full limit without  distorting the posture, and without disturbing the relaxation of body and mind. Stay there for few seconds feeling the inner connection.

You can also practice ‘sthiram sukham asanam’ off the yoga mat in your daily life by enjoying whatever you do, and by being steady and focused on it. There are many things in life that you may not like doing but you have to do them. Learning to do them also with interest is a skill that can be developed by abhyasa. Then your whole life can become full of interest and enjoyment.¬†


Sleeping better & Cultivating gratefulness

Currently I am at the Montreal ashram with Guru Ji, and my next course (Therapeutic Yoga Retreat) is in Latvia August 21-27

Krishan <3