Tales of a man and a wise

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Tales of a man and a wise

Proudly, a man said to the wise
‘I pray twice daily’
The wise said to the man
‘you beg twice daily’

A man said to the wise
‘I am a follower of Buddha’
‘You are not’ said the wise
The man was surprised

The wise said
‘Buddha never followed anyone
But you follow someone
How can you be His follower!’

A man asked the wise
‘When will I be enlightened?’
The wise replied ‘Never’
The man was shocked

The wise said
As long as the ‘I’ is there
you can never be enlightened
And when the ‘I’ disappears
the enlightenment disappears too.

A man asked the wise,” ‘I meditate twice daily but still, I am neither happy nor peaceful. When will I be happy?”

The wise replied,” Neither meditation nor any other practice nor knowledge can make you happy. Your efforts are like the efforts of a man who wants to reach the Moon but keeps walking on Earth, and keeps wondering when will he reach there!
You want an easy way. So, you meditate. In your meditation, you fanaticize, you imagine, you daydream that
you are the infinite, like a poor man who daydreams being the richest. It feels comforting for a short while but, even after many years of meditation, nothing changes. The poor man remains poor.

The first and only principle of being happy is that nothing else can give you happiness but you yourself. And for that, there is only one way. It is a hard way. Harder than any other practice, austerity, or pilgrimage. But don’t be disheartened, it’s also the simplest way. As simple as smelling a flower or gazing at the stars.

Look into your mind honestly. You will find the roots of ‘I’ spread throughout. Just as an apple seed produces apples only, the ‘I’ seed produces misery only. All that happens in your mind, the ‘I’ is the root cause. All your experiences, whether momentarily pleasure or ever-lasting pain, loss and gain, success and failure, and abundance and lack, which all cause misery, exist only because of the ‘I’. The ‘I’ roots are spread in your mind deeply, and far and wide. Buried under the I lies the happiness which you seek for.

With patience and courage, without questioning or judging, and without analyzing, begin the process of removing from your mind all that which makes you unhappy. Remove all that which causes you pain. Don’t stop until they are completely uprooted from your mind.

Like a good gardener, keep weeding your mind. Learn from a good gardener, but don’t just keep learning. Start weeding your garden. Like a skilled miner, keep digging.
Know that there is no other way and surely, happiness lies underneath the ‘I’

Saying so. the wise smiled at the man and said goodbyes. The man had many questions, but he didn’t ask any. Instead, he gazed at the stars. He wanted to follow the wise, but he didn’t. Instead, looking into his mind, he walked back home.

Improving Flexibility, and Small-Minded Thinking

Update on the ‘Healthier Me’ program

The ‘Healthier Me’ program is unfolding very well. The participants are already seeing results and their feedback is very encouraging
I am sorry some of you didn’t get on the program as I had to limit the registration to only 60 people. However, I may be offering this program again once the current program is over.
This program is designed to educate and motivate the participants and sharpen their common sense. The participants are encouraged to develop a healthier lifestyle rather than achieving a set goal.
Below are a few comments from the participants:
You have been standing by my side, keep encouraging and inspiring me for my benefit. To discipline myself is a promise that I make to you and to myself.”
I am so aware of what I eat and which groceries I buy. You are always sitting in the back of my head.”
The way you explain and teach is very beautiful. I can’t tell you how much difference it is making in my daily routine and habits. I am changing every day.” 
My legs are becoming stronger. Now I can jog.”,

Improving Flexibility

Dear Krishanji,
Could you please share a few tips for improving flexibility.

1. Don’t sit on soft surfaces such as sofa and bed for prolonged periods of time. This is one of the main reasons for weak buttocks and tight hamstrings, and also for pain in the hips and back.
2. Identify the postures in which you are relatively stiffer. Repeat each posture three times with the holding times of 20, 30, and 45 seconds. Do the posture 2-3 times a day.
3. Learn to relax more in the posture. Be happy with the small progress you make instead of always struggling to reach somewhere and feeling frustrated and disappointed. Struggling stiffens the body more.
4. Make movements with all joints, 2-3 times a day.
5. After doing any repetitive movement such as walking, running, or swimming, etc make sure to do the appropriate stretching exercises. Prolonged repetitive movements, including weight training, tighten the muscles.
6. Your diet affects the quality of your muscles. Your muscle-cells become sluggish with unhealthy and heavy diet.
7. Here is a secret move:
Once you have reached your limit in a posture, relax the whole body, then tense your whole body for 5 seconds, relax again, and while remaining relaxed go further in the posture. Repeat this 2-3 times.
8. Make an effort to improve your flexibility but don’t make it a goal. You don’t need to be super flexible to become healthier.
Happy stretching:)

Small-Minded Thinking

Dear Krishanji,
Occasionally someone says to me that you have left AOL and Guru Dev, and you are now doing your own things. I know it is not true but I don’t know how to respond to them. K.A.

First I was going to tell K. A. that there was no need to respond to such comments, but then I decided to talk about it here, thinking that it may help some people in coming out of their small-minded thinking, and also perhaps help them in understanding their own relationships with Guru Dev.

Have I left AOL?
I have stopped teaching AOL courses for the time being but, like millions of others, I strive to live AOL teachings, and Guru Dev is my guru. So, I am very much in AOL.
However, even if I were to leave, how does it matter?
From the very beginning of AOL, Guru Dev has always said that people should feel free to come and go. But, I know there are always a few who criticize and judge those who, for whatever reason, decide to leave. Such kind of thinking arises only from a small mind.
But a big mind sees it differently.
No one knows when and where one’s journey may end. But when it does, a big mind says good-byes to them with a smiling heart. He thanks them for their contribution and for being his companion on the path, even if it was for a short while. He sends his love and best wishes to them for their further journey wherever it may take them.
Guru Dev always celebrates people whether they come or go. His love remains the same.

Doing my own things!
Almost all people who are in AOL are doing their own things. They have their jobs or businesses. Similarly, I am also doing my own things. Had I gone back to my engineering profession, no one would have said that I was doing my own things:) But because I teach yoga and am more visible, judgments arise in a few small minds.
Yoga is a gift to me by my Guru, which I must express and share. Otherwise, I would be disrespecting the gift and the Giver. Any gift that one receives is meant to be shared. I have been sharing this gift for many years. Now, teaching on my own outside of the Organization gives me the needed freedom to share and express it more freely.
From the yogic wisdom point of view also, we all are exactly where we are supposed to be and doing only what we are supposed to be doing.
So, it is better not to judge anyone else’s journey. The more you judge, the more confined you become. Whereas, the purpose of the journey is to be free

Did I leave Guru Dev!
This statement or question simply means that one has not yet understood or experienced the true nature of Guru. Thirty-three years ago, when I met Guru Dev for the first time, I knew He was an Awakened Being. How? That I don’t know. But I knew it as clearly as I know when I am hungry. Since then, through His grace only, I have experienced His boundless vastness to such extent that neither I can leave Him nor He can leave me. Where would I go? There is not a place where He is not, and there is not a moment when He is not. Where would He go? Lo! But, He is already there!
May you all experience such a blessing!

He is the Ocean
Greater than the greatest
I am a muddy pond
smaller than the smallest
Oh! What a blessing!
Rooted forever in the mud
lives His Lotus Presence.

Happy Guru Purnima!

Acknowledge His presence in small things. It will grow bigger!

So many events happen in one’s life when God’s presence becomes apparent and says, “I am here with you.” But one may see such events merely as coincidences. For a seeker, however, coincidence doesn’t exist.

Have you not experienced that sometimes when you think of calling someone on the phone, that very moment that person calls you, or when you desire for something, it comes to you unexpectedly, or when you need a helping hand, it arrives?
My life is filled with such moments. For me, such small moments become very huge, in which I see and hear the Divine. The more I acknowledge the Divine presence, the more it grows in my life.
I am happy to share a few such moments with you.

Craving for Chocolate:
One evening after I had my dinner, I was craving for chocolate but there was none in the house. That very moment, there was a knock on the door. When I opened the door, two schoolboys were standing there, one of them holding a chocolate bar in his hand. He asked me if I would like to buy one. They were raising money for their school trip. It was purely a Divine moment for me. I bowed down to the Divine boys in my heart.

Tomatoes and Cucumbers:
Once at Montreal ashram, I wanted to make my favorite sandwich for lunch. But I only had an avocado and wished that I had cucumber and tomato too. That very moment, there was a knock on the door. It was Pierre, holding in his hands a bowl full of tomatoes and cucumbers. He said,” I thought you might like these. Fresh from the garden.”
I had tears in my eyes. It was God standing in front of me.

Money Arrives:
Once at Bangalore ashram, while walking toward the meditation hall for my next yoga session, I was thinking about a project and was wondering where would the money come from? That very moment, a car which was coming toward me stopped next to me. Inside the car, there was a couple, both my yoga students. They offered to drive me to the meditation hall. While driving me there, they humbly said to me to let them know if I needed any financial help. I was totally dumbfounded. For me, they both transformed into Divine presence which was saying to me ‘ I am here’.

The Special Comb:
This story is somewhat funny and mysterious. When I was traveling to Taiwan last year, I realized that I didn’t have a comb with me. So I said to myself that I must remember to buy a comb in Taiwan. I hardly have any hair on my head but, yes, sometimes I still need to comb:)
Upon arrival in Taiwan, when I was waiting in line for Immigration, I just couldn’t believe when I saw a new comb, still wrapped in plastic, lying on the floor slightly ahead of me. I asked the two people ahead of me if they had dropped that comb. Both said no, and I was glad that no one picked it up either. When I reached closer, I picked it up with reverence. For me, it was not just a comb. It was an ‘ I am also going to Taiwan with you ‘ moment.

The special comb

Acknowledge Good Things In Your Life. There Are So Many!

Whatever you will acknowledge more in your life, it will grow more. If you acknowledge the negativity more, it will grow more. If you acknowledge the good things more, they will grow more in your life.
Acknowledging good things in life makes you more grateful, and being grateful brings silence in the mind more than any other practice.

Sage Anidra once said,” Yoga is not a journey to go or reach somewhere. It is a journey to become still and silent. An oscillating mind cannot see Govinda. Neither can a noisy mind hear Him. Only a grateful mind has the potential to be silent and still.”

Who is Sage Anidra? Next post…….