Searching for God is like a fish in the ocean searching for water.
Is there a place where He is not?

Coming Back Home, and Upcoming Samatvam-1 Course

A note to my students:

My intentions behind writing blog-posts and teaching you yoga are not to influence you, but to encourage you to discover your unique spirituality. My encouragement is three-fold; simplicity, self-effort, and loving God.  Your true guide is your Soul. Listen to her.

Upcoming Samatvam-1 Course

April 23 -27, 2021

Samatvam course, as one of the course participants commented, is a modern scripture for modern times. It provides simple but profound tools for the wellness of the whole being, especially the mind. It offers a simple solution to the old-age dilemma that you can’t control the mind. Samatvam course helps you make your mind healthy, clear, and focused. Your mind must be such whether your ambitions are worldly or spiritual.

In addition, the course participants have reported that the  Ojas kriya, one of the processes that you learn in the Samatvam course, is helpful in strengthening and restoring the body and slowing down the aging process.

Samayvam course is offered in three parts; Samatvam-1, Samatvam-2, and Samatvam Silence.

The next Samatvam-1 course is scheduled for April 23 – 27. If these dates are not suitable for you, you could watch the recorded sessions at your convenience within the given time frame. 

Pre-requisite:  An open mind and willingness to take responsibility for your wellbeing.

For more information and registration, click here

If you are an Oneness Member,  you don’t need to register. You will be automatically enrolled in the course.



Coming Back Home!

Coming back home is the seeker’s motivation for his spiritual journey. It, however, can also be misunderstood, suggesting that you have wandered away from your home and you must return home. With this confused and conceptual goal in mind, you travel a path but never reach your imaginary home. You continue your journey with the hope that you will come home sometime, if not in this life, perhaps in the next life. Many seekers have this question; What would happen to them if they don’t attain their goals in this life? Arjuna had the same question. Lord Krishna answered Arjuna that such seekers continue their journey in the next life. But He also told Arjuna to come back home NOW and not wait until his next life.

Let me tell you a story. A man had in a nice house, but it was dirty, messy, and filled with unnecessary stuff.  Instead of getting rid of unnecessary things, he would continue buying more, thinking that the new stuff would make his house look nicer, but nothing looked good in his home. He had purchased many books on how to clean and organize your house. He had also purchased many different types of cleaning detergents. He would often promise himself that he would clean the house tomorrow but that tomorrow never came.  Things became so bad that he didn’t feel comfortable living in his house anymore. He even started to dislike himself. He would spend more time visiting his friends, eating out, and go to different places to be away from his home. He was spending so much time at his friends’ houses that he became a burden on them, and they became unreceptive toward him. He felt sad and alone. He was miserable. He knew the cause of his misery and what he had to do to come out of it, but he did everything else except what he needed to do.

Then, luckily, he fell in love with a woman. Day-by-day his love for her grew, and she became very important to him. He wanted to bring her home but was very hesitant. One day, when she insisted on visiting him in his home, he told her the reason for his reluctance. She laughed and said, ” Silly, it doesn’t matter to me how your house looks. I love you, not your house. I am coming right away.  Together, we can do the cleaning.” He felt so relieved and happy. He looked around the house. It didn’t look as bad as he had thought it was. He felt comfortable being there. With his partner’s help, he removed the unnecessary stuff, cleaned the house thoroughly, and organized everything properly. The place looked beautiful. He was back home again. He and his partner lived there happily ever after.

A seeker who has been traveling for a long time has a similar story. He keeps doing many different things except that which needs to be done. He keeps accumulating more. He doesn’t feel comfortable being with himself, so he goes here and there and does this and that, and he continues his non-ending journey.

Fortunately, but rarely, a seeker falls in love with God, his Soul. God becomes very important to him. In love, he hears his Soul’s voice,”  Silly, it doesn’t matter to me how you are; I love you.”  Guided by his Soul,  he cleans his whole being in which he and his Soul live happily ever after. 

Loving and being with your Soul is being at home. Your home and Soul are where you are now. It is not by traveling that you reach home. You come home by loving only. Loving your Soul is loving all, including yourself.


“Why must I go on a pilgrimage? All pilgrimages are within me.”  – Kabir.


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