Just as a lotus flowers blossoms in muddy waters, similarly, a skilled yogi
blossoms by fully functioning in the world but remaining unaffected by the events.

Divine Ashes, & How Can Infinite Be Contained In Finite?

Divine Ashes

A dry wood catches fire easily. It burns wholly and unconditionally, no matter for what purpose it is burnt.  When a wood is burnt for religious purposes, both its fire and ashes are considered holy. The fire is honoured and worshiped, and the ashes are considered auspicious which people smear on their bodies to remind themselves of their true-Self. Similarly, being a non-doer is  being like a dry wood. A non-doer acts wholly and unconditionally at Divine will. Such a non-doer and his actions, like the fire, are considered holy, and whatever the outcome of the actions, it, like the ashes, would be considered auspicious.

Fire -smoke

A wet wood doesn’t catch fire easily. It gives out a lot of smoke. A seeker’s journey in the beginning may be like the burning of the wet wood. His questions, concepts, and doubts are like the smoke from the wet wood.

The proper practices of yoga help a seeker in becoming mature. A mature seeker catches the knowledge easily, and acts unconditionally at Divine will.


How Can Infinite Be Contained In Finite!

Dear K ji,  Could you please explain how Infinite God  can be present within me who is finite?

 Yes, infinity can be present in finite. There are only seven music notes, but you can compose infinite music from them. With only a few alphabets you can write infinite stories. An apple seed contains infinite number of apples in it.

However, the expression that God is within you is not completely correct. The correct expression would be that you are in God,  just as a wave is in the ocean. When you are seeing a wave, to a limited degree, you are seeing the ocean also. However, to say that the ocean is in a wave would not be correct completely.
When you try to see God within you, because you see yourself as finite, you make God also finite. But when you see yourself in God along with everyone and everything else, a feeling of infinity dawns in you. 

From the higher knowledge point of view, whether you see God in you, or yourself in God, both arise out of ignorance, because neither is true. A yogi sees neither. He remains one. 


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