Yoga transcends religion. It is a simple and sensible
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Exercise More, + Some Relevant Wisdom from Young Wises

Exercise More


Cardio exercise is one of the best ways to deal with anxiety and fear. Thirty minutes of cardio twice a day, followed by yoga, pranayama, and meditation can be very helpful in dealing with today’s stresses. You may be very tempted to just sit and meditate, but that may not be of much use, especially if you are not very good at meditating. You may be just sitting there, worrying even more with your eyes closed.
When there is excessive tamas (negative energy), creating good rajas (active energy) is the way to deal with the tamas.
Even when you are in a locked-in situation, there is so much you can do inside the house. There are so many online free videos for all levels that you can follow for cardio exercise. Walk back and forth in your room. Go up and down the stairs several times a day. You can do cardio even while watching TV. Stay active. Keep the blood pumping to keep your energy levels high.


Some Wisdom from Young Wises, Very Relevant For Today


Once, when my daughter Priya was in grade one or two, for some reason ( perhaps because she had not practiced her piano) I got angry at her and told her that she was grounded for 30 minutes, and she must stay in her room. With an unhappy face, she went to her room. Not even a couple of minutes had passed when I started to feel guilty at the thought of her being unhappy and perhaps even sobbing in her room.  Not being able to resist any longer, after about five minutes, I went to her room. I was not expecting what I saw. She was in her bed, leaned against 2-3 pillows, with a bag of chips and a book in her hands, I didn’t know how to react or what to say as she was doing exactly what I had told her to do, that was to stay in her room. In response to something I said, she replied,” Well, I am grounded, I might as well make the best use of this time.”
To make the best use of every situation was a great lesson I had learned from her. She has followed this wisdom all her life and has kept our family happy and strong.
This wisdom is suitable for any time but even more relevant for today’s situation when we all are grounded. Make the best use of this time. Lean against the pillows and read your favorite book.  Learn something new. The Internet is a great way to learn new things. Catch up on things you have been postponing. Even when in isolation, you can still dance and laugh.
One day, when my son Amol was in grade two, he showed me his collection of hockey cards and then asked me one-by-one if I knew the players.  After I failed to recognize about ten players, I could recognize one. Immediately, he looked at me and said to me, “Wow, you recognized one, even though you don’t play or watch hockey.” That was an eye-opener for me. Instead of saying that I could recognize only one, he cheered me!
That’s how he has been all his life. He always sees the good in others, a beautiful lesson that I have learned from him.
This wisdom is also suitable for any time but even more relevant in the current situation when the families may be spending more time together. It is important not to be critical of each other and not complain too much. Instead, praise and appreciate each other. Everyone has good and bad in them. The bad is easily visible, but it may require some wisdom and sensitivity to see the good in others.


Preparing For The Upcoming Webinar, March 29 


I am looking forward to seeing all the registered participants who have received a confirmation letter. Please note that if you have not received a confirmation letter,  you are not registered even though you may have been able to fill in the form right after the Webinar was fully booked. I will do another one for you soon.
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