Loving and Serving God is Supreme Yoga.
Serving those in need is serving God.

Forgiving Others and Yourself!

Art of Silence Course Toronto, Canada

Dallas Yoga immersion

First ever ‘Yoga Immersion Weekend  Course’ in Dallas, USA

Sri Sri Yoga2 San Fransisco Feb 2018 with Krishanji-1.jpg

Sri Sri Yoga Level 2  in Bay Area, USA

Keen and Sincere Yogis

In all the courses above, the course participants were very sincere and eager to learn, which made the teaching a joy. Many of them were commuting long distances daily, but still they were all present for the early morning sessions. 
Love you all.

 Experience Sharing

Everyone shared beautiful experiences. Below is one, a representative of most:

“The love you ushered on us was so powerful that I did not feel like leaving the hall today after the session ended. What I realized is  “Transcending the body”, and “yoga is union of body and mind” were just a concept in my mind. It is only after experiencing the depth and stillness during the past few days , I am now able to at least move away from those concepts to “experiencing ” state. You are absolutely right on teaching /learning/practicing yoga more from a space of honor, respect and spirituality rather than just a series of asanas or postures. It’s only because of yogacharayas like you we are able to maintain the purity and true meaning of “YOGA”.  -Raj



Forgiving others and oneself is an essential characteristic which a yogi must possess in order to progress on the path of yoga. However, for the matured students of yoga, another way, which transcends forgiving, is recommended,

Question: Dreams don’t have consequences, but the past does. How can they be alike?

You have consequences in the dreams also, but they are not there when you wake up.  The consequences of the past may require an action. Take the needed action but then, using the above wisdom, move forward, and be free from anger, guilt, and blame. They all belong to the past.

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