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Garlic & Onions, and Which Class Are You Traveling In?

“What you share on this blog is so beautiful, unique, and practical. Thank you.”

“Your blog posts have helped me a lot, thank you. I would like to know more about Anidra and how we can free our mind of judgments, concepts about ourselves. How we can  wake up from the dream?”

Waking up from the dream is very easy. Just wake up, like you do every morning. You have heard and believed so far that it is very difficult, so it has become very difficult for you. You keep looking for so many different ways which make waking up even harder. I will write more about it, but today I want to talk about :

Garlic and Onions

Dear Krishanji, Could you please talk about the effect of eating or not eating garlic and onions on the spiritual path? How does it affect Prana?

For many years, I didn’t eat garlic or onions but now I eat them, primarily, for their health benefits.
By not eating or eating them, my spirituality didn’t get any better or worst. But I do notice a real difference in my health when I eat them without overcooking them, especially during winter months.
When on the spiritual path, a certain degree of flexibility is essential. It is stated in the ‘Hatha Yoga Pradipika’ that too much rigidity can be a big obstacle on the path. You yourself have to determine how flexible you want to be.
For instance, I am flexible about eating onions and garlic but I am not about flexible eating meat as I consider it as an act of violence.
On the spiritual path, there are bigger things to be concerned about than eating onions and garlic. There is a danger that when you start giving overly importance to small things you might lose sight of the bigger things. Not eating onions or garlic may seem like a big achievement to you.
There is a story about a man who wanted to build a beautiful house for himself. He was about to start building, but then got stuck on the selection of paint color for his meditation room. He wanted a color that would create more positive energy in the room. After many years, he is still doing his research and lives in a small apartment. But he knows a lot about paint colors.
This is how you can get stuck on small things on the spiritual path.
There is nothing that affects your prana more than the state of your mind. When the mind is clear and relaxed, the prana is at its highest. Such a mind transcends the three Gunas and the three Doshas. They all seem very small, just as, everything on the earth seems very small when seen from an airplane that is flying high.
I never tell my students to eat or not to eat onions or garlic. Instead, again and again, I direct them to focus on their minds. I direct myself also, again and again, to do the same.

Which Class Are You Traveling In?

A rich person can afford to travel in the first class of an airplane. There, he receives luxurious service and has plenty of space to move around or rest. His journey becomes a very comfortable journey.
A person in the economy class, on the other hand, sits in a very cramped space. It becomes a very tiring journey for him.

Similarly, on the spiritual path, are you feeling cramped in the economy class?
Then look into your mind. A clear and relaxed mind is a wealth that lets you travel in the first class. It can make your journey very comfortable.

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