Yoga transcends religion. It is a simple and sensible
way of living a healthier and meaningful life.

Greetings from Boone, USA

Boone Centre

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I am at the Art of Living Retreat Centre in Boone, NC, US, conducting the Art of Living Yoga TTC program. This Retreat Center is one of my favourite places to conduct courses. It is so incredible how Gurudev Sri Sri  has established many beautiful Spiritual Centres all around the world where the surroundings and energy are very conducive for spiritual practices and growth. These Centres are the new pilgrimages for spiritual seekers.

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A mountain to me is not rocks and stones. To me it is a yogi in its vastness who has been sitting and meditating there for millions of years.  I see the whole creation  as a bouquet of God’s love. I can just keep looking at it. When you truly love someone, you love everything about them. A yogi is in love with God.

On the move…..

My next two courses are in Malaysia and Taiwan. I have scheduled a few more courses which you can see under ‘My Courses Schedule’. 

Yesterday a student in the course asked me if I found the people in each country different?  I said,” Yes, there are many external differences, but when we sit down to meditate and share knowledge of yoga, we transcend external differences and find that it is the same Divine life and love that flow in us all. The knowledge of yoga binds us into oneness” <3

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