A skilled yogi blossoms even while living in the three gunas, just as a lotus flower blossoms in muddy waters.

Happy Guru Nanak Dev Jayanti!

What A Blessing!



Birth of a Great Soul like Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the Founder of Sikhism, is a blessing for the whole world.
Just as there are different levels of musicians and rich people, similarly, there are different levels of Awakened Beings. Guru Nanak Dev’s awakening was among the greatest and richest. From my early childhood, I had developed a liking for Him, and felt very close to Him. He has been my inner Master and protector all my life.
Since His birth in 1469, He has guided, protected, and inspired millions. He is the embodiment of service, shradha, and simplicity. 
He lives in every heart.

Happy Guru Nanak Dev Jayanati!






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