A skilled yogi blossoms even while living in the three gunas, just as a lotus flower blossoms in muddy waters.

Happy Shivaratri

Shivaratri,  a religious and spiritual festival celebrated by Hindus all over the world , is also a very important day for the seekers on the path of yoga. Shiva is the source of all that there is, including the knowledge of yoga.

Shiva means the ‘Consciousness’, and ratri means ‘night’

A seeker, on this day (and night) makes a conscious effort to remember that he is not just the body, thoughts, or feelings, which are temporary and ever-changing.  He remembers that, instead, he is a part of the pure Consciousness that is Non-changing, Immortal and Eternal.  He remembers this with honor and gratitude.

Just as our bodies receive rest during the night, the same way the remembrance, that you are a part of something infinitely big, frees you from the smallness of the mind and its weaknesses.  With continuous remembrance of this Truth your mind and inner being receive deep rest in the Self, the Shiva.

On this day, the seekers and devotees also remember and honor their spiritual masters who have realized the Truth that it is all Shiva.

A realized spiritual master can help you in realizing the Truth just as a lighted candle can light many other candles.

I feel blessed and grateful for having my spiritual master Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in my life.

 May you realize the Truth!   Happy Shivaratri!



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