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How Does One Know!!

Dear Krishanji, What makes a seeker mature, and how does he know that he has matured?

An apple seed sprouts to grow into a seedling sapling and a mature apple tree. Throughout its journey, an apple tree is always an apple tree but is considered mature when it blossoms and has apples. The revealing of apples, without a doubt, confirms that the tree indeed is an apple tree, and it was always an apple tree throughout its journey.

Similarly, a seeker of God is considered mature when the Divinity in him is revealed. The revealing of Divinity within confirms that the seeker has matured and he was always Divine throughout his journey.
Without a doubt, you will know when you mature. It is as clear as the apples on the tree. It is a confirmation for the seeker, not a display for others.

Along with many factors, the primary factor which matures a seeker is proper understanding and living knowledge. Reading, memorizing, or trying to understand the whole scripture(s) may seem impressive and scholarly, but it leads to conflicts and confusion. My approach is to glance through the Book without trying to understand it, and then pick a knowledge point or a shloka that appeals to you, something that you would like to cultivate in your life. Then focus on that particular shloka. Gain a proper understanding of it and make an effort to bring the essence of the shloka into your life. You will find that by living the knowledge of one shloka of the Bhagavad Gita, my favorite Scripture of yoga, you are practically living the complete Bhagavad Gita.

When a tree is growing, a lot of action is happening within the tree, but from the outside, it seems effortless. Such must be the effort of a seeker. Living the knowledge requires effort within, but from outside, it is effortless.

As the seeker grows, his understanding of knowledge must also grow. The knowledge needed for a mature seeker is very different from that of a young seeker, just as the music of a mature musician is very different than when he started. He must learn and practice differently.

When a seeker is mature and deserving, God’s grace unveils the Divine within.


Today Sage Anidra sang a song for mature seekers which meant,”

O, noble seeker! Which is your God, the one who is considered light, toward Whom you march, or the one who is both light and darkness? My God is both. So, I don’t march. Remaining established here, witness the play of light and darkness and play along as needed.

O, noble man! Which is your God, the one you pray to for more or the one who has already given you more than you need? Mine is the latter. If you are grateful and also ask for more, you are not truly grateful. A truly grateful cannot pray for more.

My dear seeker! Which is your God, the one considered immortal, from whom you seek immortality, or the one who is both mortal and immortal? My God is both. When I die, He dies. When I am born, He is born. When I am lost, He is lost. Whether mortal or immortal, dead or born, lost or found, asleep or awake, I am never without Him.

O noble being! I have said a lot. Take only that which you can digest. You are a mature seeker. You need very little.”


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