Searching for God is like a fish in the ocean searching for water.
Is there a place where He is not?

Is Creation Really An Illusion!

Dear Krishanji,
If Creation is an illusion, and God is present in every being, then is God also an illusion? Could you please share your views.

This question is a good example of how knowledge may seem contradictory and confusing. Just as, God is one but there are many aspects of God, similarly, Truth is one but with varied aspects.

Seeing the Creation as an illusion, though it may be true, causes confusion, and raises questions. It may also cause aversion. 

 But there is another way, a simpler way. Until your own experience leads you to an aspect of Truth, instead of seeing the Creation as an illusion, see it as all real.

Creation is a beautiful gift from God. To say it’s only an illusion is to diminish God’s glory. A poor or a miser man may gift you artificial jewelry, but a generous king will never do so. God is the greatest and most generous. Everything here, from the tiniest to the biggest, is real. It may change or perish, but it is real. What comes after the change is also real. What you are experiencing now, is the reality of this moment. It may change in the next moment, but then the next moment becomes reality. You experienced rain yesterday, that was the reality yesterday. Today you are experiencing a sunny day; it is the reality today. By seeing every moment as real, you can live your whole life in reality.

See your past also as real. What you do with that experience is up to you. Learn from it. Change or correct what you can. Be brave to accept what can’t be changed, and move forward. Have the courage to forgive others and yourself. The one who forgives (kshami) is very dear to God. 

Both pleasures and sufferings are real. What you do with them is up to you. You have been given the wisdom to not overindulge in pleasures, and strength to pass through the difficulties. Use your wisdom and strength. The positivity and negativity are also real. Be courageous to root out the negativity in you, like a gardener who keeps weeding his garden. How much attention or importance you give to the negativity in others is also up to you. Be the wise one who sees beyond the surface.

The happiness, whether small or big, that you experience in life is real. Acknowledge it and be happy. Don’t discard it in search of your imaginary true happiness.

See people as real. See their love for you as real. Don’t abandon their love to find Divine love. It is only the Divine who is loving you through them.

It becomes easier to love and honor the Creation when you see it as real. By seeing it as real and honoring it you can bring out the hidden Divinity. A devotee brings out the hidden Divinity even in stone. Kabira brought out the hidden Divinity in Creation. For Him, it all became Rama. Both Kabira and Rama are real.

You are not an illusion. You are God’s love. That’s how I see you, real and Divine!




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