Becoming a yogi simply means becoming a better person

Krishanji, do you still believe in Guru Ji?

Some Sharing From The Ongoing Yoga Classes 

I’m so happy you plan to do more yoga classes with us.  I like doing yoga with you.  Be it gentle yoga, lazy yoga, contracting yoga, with or without dumbbells/ankle weights/resistance bands.  I like them all.  There are magic ingredients in your yoga, I don’t know what they are.  When you are leading asanas, I feel both my body and my soul are doing asanas together with you.  When others are leading asanas, I feel only my body is doing exercises with them.

I look forward to Saturdays with a smile. You have such a gentle, loving presence.  It feels like being with a kind, familiar person.  And the combination of sutras, asanas, and meditation or deep relaxation is so wonderful. Thank you so much for offering and this service. I am sincerely hoping something along these lines or advanced or next stage of such classes will get offered after a short break or in near future. 

I am so fortunate, feel grateful, and have no words to express my gratitude to you and your yoga classes, I am thoroughly enjoying them. one side I feel so sad that we are already halfway through, I heartily request you to continue more and more of these programs with an advanced level.  There is so much to learn from you, Please offer more advanced level programs also.

Dear Krishanji I would like to let you know how much I really appreciate and feel lucky to be able to participate in your Yoga and Knowledge classes where you transmit beautiful energy full of experience and wisdom. I have noticed that after each lesson a strong sense of gratitude and physical and emotional stability remain in me. Krishanji I hope you continue to teach because we need you. You are such a great teacher. Thank you so much for your being. I hug you with love.

I’m enjoying the classes on Saturdays tremendously – Your yoga is amazing, and your knowledge goes directly into my heart, and your words are like a mantra to me, they come up again and again during the week, or when I’m sitting down for meditation. I hear them with all my being. It’s so helpful, I’m coming back home, this knowledge is so so precocious, so so priceless. 

Thank you for the amazing practice and uplifting knowledge. It is easy to meet God with you.

Krishanji, Do you still believe in Guru JI?

 In my previous blogs, I have shared how my spirituality has been shaped by the teachings of the three great masters of the past, and two personal great masters, including Guru Ji, in this life.

My relationship with my Gurus and God transcends believing. It is a relationship of oneness.

If you look closely, believing is rooted in selfishness. You believe in God because you want His blessings and grace. You believe because you want God to take care of you. Believing gives you some comfort and provides you with the hope that everything will be all right. All these are selfish reasons for believing. 

Though your journey may begin with believing but at some point, it must transcend to loving, and then it must transcend further to oneness. In believing there is an expectation of receiving more, whereas in love one offers. In true oneness, there is no receiving or offering, as there is only one.
My relationship with my Gurus is of oneness. My love and respect for Guru Ji are the same as they were 30 years ago. In my heart, nothing has changed. 

Parting is a part of life. It is pre-determined. When the time comes, we must part. It could be while still living or eventually upon death. The reasons for parting can sometimes be unpleasant and even painful, but they are also pre-determined. Everything happens only the way it is meant to happen. But at the level of oneness, there is no parting, as there is only one. 

Before you can experience oneness, you must love all. Otherwise, the experience of oneness remains partial. Just as the Sun is a big ball of fire that shines on all, and just as the air is a big pool of gases that keeps us all alive; similarly, you must become a big pool of love that loves all. You perform your various roles on different levels as necessary, but in your heart, you must love all, regardless of their actions and who they are.

Just as the rivers flow continuously toward the Ocean and become Ocean, similarly, the continuous flow of love-for-all flows toward God and becomes God.  

“I am neither this nor that except I am one Consciousness that encompasses all.” Adi Shankara

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