Honoring and protecting Nature is everyone’s responsibility.
A yogi takes from Nature, based on his need, not greed.

Loving-Oneness, and More

A not-needed apology.

“Dear Krishanji,

I would like to apologize to you for the following:

During the re-run of Yoga Class Series 1, there was one week I was busy, but I really wanted to review the class, so I made a copy of it before the deadline. But then there was a struggle in my mind as I knew that that was the wrong way. After a few days, I deleted the video without seeing it…..”

My dear, whatever I know and share with you, doesn’t belong to me. So, it doesn’t matter to me if you make copies of it. But, assuming that you are learning yoga for a higher purpose, so only for your benefit, I ask you not to make a copy without my permission. Asteya (non-stealing) is a highly-recommended yogic principle. Stealing, whether out of greed or necessary, keeps the mind very active, whereas the purpose of practicing yoga is to reduce mental activity. Stealing nurtures greed and deteriorates self-confidence. Stealing spiritual knowledge keeps you away from the Self. 

There is no greater teacher than your Self. You should feel good for listening to and following your Self.  Next time, just let me know if you need to keep my videos a little longer.  I love you.


A sharing from my yoga classes.

“I would like to convey my heartfelt thanks for this very timely Yoga series.  For past 3 months I was going through some health challenges with hypertension, weight gain, aches, and pain all over and needed some relief.  I was so happy to see your email and signed up immediately.

Its been very beneficial for me at all levels.  After the first session itself I started to feel mentally relaxed and physically more energized……  The knowledge of PS and various breathing techniques has really helped in quietening the mind.  My eyes moisten towards the end of session with joy and gratitude to the divine for the gift of Yoga.

( shared more after few sessions)
I just wanted to inform you that in December during my annual well visit, my BP was measured at 156/90…….. I have been doing all the yoga sessions twice and yesterday when my son measured my BP at 4 pm it was 110/60 and after meals at 8 pm,  130/80, without taking any medications. I feel yoga has corrected the physiological process and is preventing my health from going downhill.”

Proper practice of yoga, along with the sincere responsibility you take for your wellbeing, can do wonders. 

Yoga Classes With Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Series 2,  start tomorrow. Feb 20.

These yoga classes provide you with proper tools for your wellbeing and, more importantly, they guide you to loving-oneness in a simple and joyful manner.



The highest purpose of any yoga path is to bring you to a stare of loving oneness with God. It is a state of your being when you love God while experiencing complete oneness with God. The one who desires to know God or Truth neither gets to know the Truth nor obtains the state of loving-oneness. The Vedas and many other scriptures have attempted to explain the Truth but in the end, they declare that the Truth can neither be explained nor known. Still, millions of seekers study scriptures to understand and know the Truth,

Arjuna wanted to know. Even after receiving knowledge directly from Lord Krishna, he had more questions. He remained confused. Krishna gave knowledge to Arjuna, but He played His flute for Radha. She had no empty space to keep knowledge in her being. Her whole being was filled with Krishna. Such were the states of Meera, Kabira, and many others who were not interested in knowing. They loved God in oneness.

In loving-oneness, you want nothing from God. A seeker who seeks blessings and grace is still a worldly seeker. There is nothing wrong with being a worldly seeker. It is a stage a seeker goes through before he matures into a spiritual seeker. A mature seeker desires nothing. His seeking is not a desire. He embraces each moment, sees it as Divine, sings His glories, and naturally grows into loving-oneness. Just as a ripe fruit naturally becomes sweet, similarly, in a mature state of loving-oneness, all become God, and you love all naturally.


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