Loving and Serving God is Supreme Yoga.
Serving those in need is serving God.

Making Your Mind Pleasant!

Making Your Mind Pleasant (Chitta Prasadnam)

In order to keep your mind pleasant and undisturbed, the Sage Patanjali tells you what kind of attitude you should have with different kinds of people. He breaks it down into four categories:

  1. Be friendly with people who are mentally happy and content.  Associating with them in a friendly manner will help you in becoming happy and content as well.
  2. Have compassion toward people who are suffering. Help them, but stay afloat by not getting too involved emotionally.
  3. Be happy for those who are doing good deeds, or are more successful than you. This will inspire you to do good deeds as well, and keep the jealousy out of your mind.
  4. Be indifferent to people who may be causing problems or sufferings to others. Take action as necessary, and educate such people, but don’t carry judgements in your mind about them. The judgements can disturb your mind. 


Secret to Oneness

Duality is bondage,
suffering, and pain
Oneness is freedom
the highest gain

The secret to oneness
For others become happy
Become to the whole world
A great great  grandpappy

 By being happy for others
the ‘other’ dissolves
Remaining ln oneness
a seeker evolves


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