Searching for God is like a fish in the ocean searching for water.
Is there a place where He is not?

May You Become Happy!

I wish you a very Happy New Year, but with a reminder that happiness is not something you find somewhere. Instead, you have to become happy. The happiness which you find somewhere is temporary, but the joy that comes from becoming happy is everlasting.

You can become happy by living the simple wisdom of yoga.

One simple wisdom is to see the opposites of life as passing events and keep moving forward.

A soldier lost his one arm on a battlefield. People felt sorry for him, but he didn’t. He used the other arm to train more soldiers. He kept moving forward.

A construction worker lost both his legs in an accident. For many, that was the end of his life. But he shocked people when he got a job as an office manager in a construction company. He kept moving forward.

A couple had divorced after their 25 years of marriage. One friend asked the woman if she missed her ex? It was a foolish question, but the answer the woman gave was beautiful. She replied,” How does it matter now? I am just trying to move forward.”

Another simple wisdom a wise man knows is that nothing in life is unexpected. He knows that all can happen and will happen. He remains at peace with whatever happens.

Let that be the message of the New Year. Be at peace with all events, and keep moving forward. A fragrant flower remains fragrant even after when plucked. Similarly, the one who has become happy remains happy regardless of the events.

May You Become Happy!

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