Yoga transcends religion. It is a simple and sensible
way of living a healthier and meaningful life.

Practice Practice & Practice

Read my post ‘Neither Disturb nor Get Disturbed’ again.

Practice this wisdom of Bhagvad Gita again and again. It is the foundation for bringing stillness in the mind. Without it, ‘Yoga Chitta Vritti Nirodha” remains only a concept.

Your mind is your living room

You live in your mind 24 hours a day. You can make your mind a place of struggle, conflicts, and confusion, or you can make it a peaceful and beautiful garden where you are very careful and selective in what grows in there. It requires effort and skill to grow beautiful flowers, where as the weeds grow in abundance effortlessly. If not pulled out, they overtake the whole garden.

You decide what you want to keep and grow more in your mind. Take the weeds out, they are choking the beautiful flowers that are there. 

You have the tendency to pay more attention to conflicts, confusions, and something that is bothering your mind. Now you have to reverse this. Don’t pay much attention to all that disturbs you, just like you don’t eat foods that bother you. Pay more attention to your strengths and  qualities. There are so many. Do the same with others. See your own strengths and show others theirs. 

During these days of Navratri resolve to take the weeds out. Speak in moderation, and only kind words. Act with good intentions. Eat in moderation, and foods that are saatvik (vegetarian and fresh foods). 

Above all, see the Divine in everything and everyone including yourself. <3


Know that Mother Durga is always with you. <3 <3

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