Just as a lotus flowers blossoms in muddy waters, similarly, a skilled yogi
blossoms by fully functioning in the world but remaining unaffected by the events.

Precious Forever!


Precious Forever

A diamond is precious 

Whether shining
Or covered in dust
Whether worn by a saint
Or someone full of lust

Whether stand alone
Or  bound
Whether lost
Or found

It’s precious


A man and his friend were doing some work in the man’s basement. There, the friend saw a painting laying on the floor.  Though it was all covered with dust,  he recognized the painting, and said to the man ,” Do you have any idea how precious it is? It is an original piece of work, made by a very famous artist. You could sell it for a large sum of money, in fact, I will buy it from you.”  The man had actually forgotten about that painting. He had bought it many years ago. It used to hang in his living room, but after some time he didn’t like it and had stored it in the basement. Now that he knew it was a precious painting, suddenly it looked very beautiful again. He brought the paining back to his living room, cleaned it nicely, and hung it on the wall at its original place. To him, now the whole living room looked very beautiful and  precious. He felt proud of owning that painting, and took good care of it by dusting it daily, sometimes even twice a day, only because he had now realized how precious it was. 

 You also are very precious, an original piece of work, made by a very famous artist. You are a precious diamond, which always remains precious. It doesn’t matter who you are, however you are, wherever you are, you are precious. Whether you are on the path or not, you are precious. Whether found or lost, you are precious. Whether free or bound, you are precious.  Any negativity you may see in yourself is nothing more than the dust that got accumulated on the paining. You can  easily remove the dust once you recognize how precious you are. 

This week, two very famous and very well liked celebrities, Kate Spade ( a fashion designer) , and Anthony Bourdain (a chef , tv host, and film producer), sadly committed suicide.  They both were rich, famous, successful, gifted, and seemed to have it all what an average person can only dream of, but they still decided to take their own lives. Perhaps they forgot how precious they were!

I want to remind all my yoga friends and others that regardless of who you are and what your life situations are, don’t forget that you are very precious. Once you recognize how precious you are, everything in life, like the man’s living room, becomes more beautiful and precious. It doesn’t matter whether you meditate daily or not, but make this reminder a daily practice. 






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